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Did you know that, as a Crochet Fiend, you are a Fiber Artist able to create anything you can imagine?
Did you know that, as a Crochet Fiend, you are a Fiber Artist able to create anything you can imagine?

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When Fairies Whisper
I've learned that, when Fairies Whisper, you better listen. This is Autumn. She's been whispering to me. I want to create a set of 12 Flutter Fairies, Autumn is the first in the set, September (only because I got the idea this month). She's been met with a ...

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Moving Forward
I've had several things that have 'failed' lately. Autumn, the Flutter Fairy to the left, came out beautifully. Her finished pictures came out beautifully. Her pattern pictures are a mess. This is user error. As you may already know I'm the only caregiver f...

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1st in 12, Flutter Fairy, Autumn - September
I’d like you to meet Autumn, the 1st Flutter Fairy in a coming set of 12. Her pattern should be ready by the end of the week (about 9/15 or 9/16) and will be featured in my Etsy Shop, Designs by Sandy Marie, for $3.99. Shameless Plug: All the patterns in my...

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Club Question
Over the decades I've belonged to several crochet clubs and all of them were wonderful places to learn, to have a lot of FUN, and to make great friends. The clubs I belonged to also offered contests, special deals, collections of great stuff, and they all c...

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Something Special This Way Comes
Social : Having FUN with friends of like mind (or should I say skill?). Challenges : Helping you learn and grow. Contests : A chance at WINNING Cash and Cool Prizes. FREE STUFF : We all love FREE STUFF! Special : Being treated as the Special Person you are ...

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Oriental Dragon: Progress 1
Well, I know it doesn't look anything like an Oriental Dragon right now, but that's one long tail. And I'm not close to being finished with the tail. I had to fold it over so I could get a picture without taking up the full side, lol. She's going to be pret...

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News: Lots of Little Fun Stuff
The BIG news is that the Satchel Purse is done, with beautiful photographs, and the pattern is now available in the Etsy shop. The Satchel Purse goes beautifully with the Designer Derby, so I've also created a pattern set (you save money) for both of them. ...

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Teal Satchel Purse: Progress 5 - Major Photograph Failes
I've had a few major photograph fails. Although I don't think I'll have to redo the entire purse. I am going to have to spend a few days and work on photographs. It's this kind of thing that really stalls me (my own personal frustration). This is the second...

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Teal Satchel Purse: Progress 4
I'm coming down to the wire on the Teal Satchel Purse. What's left to do? I need to sew a snap on the key chain, and on the inside of the purse. No more hunting for keys, they are snapped in. I need to sew the button on (right now it's just sitting there so...

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Teal Satchel Purse: Progress 3
The Teal Satchel Purse is coming along pretty nice. I still have a few 'inside' things to do, but those should go pretty quickly. After all the parts are finished I'll be sewing it together, followed by formatting pictures and writing the pattern. I'm extre...
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