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Morning MoneyBeat Daily Factoid: On this day in 1973, President Nixon announced a deal that marked the end of the Vietnam War. Remember the sacrifices of our veterans and support our current soldiers. #AmericanaHeros

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A relatively new post from our blog.  Don’t do these 6 things with your individual life insurance policy

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+Winter Vinecki was only 9 years old when the unthinkable happened, she lost her father (40 years old) to #ProstateCancer.  +TODAY she is the youngest (14 years old) ever to run marathons on ALL continents.  She is an inspiration for all - on a mission to find a cure for prostate cancer.
To quote Winter Vinecki, “Watching him deal with cancer, I realized some things. One is that you don’t put off until tomorrow what you are capable of doing today."

What is the major difference between auto insurance and life insurance?

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In the continued low interest rate environment life insurers change investment strategy.  +Business Wire #Lifeinsurancenews

"The possibilities for life are endless for those who take risks"  Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"

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Mortality rates are really low too. People are living longer. Dont wait for a better day, month or year. Secure coverage and protect your family today.
4 in 10 households with kids would have money problems immediately if a primary wage-earner died. Life insurance can be a solution to prevent this.

If you're a young family, here are tips on prioritizing your finances:

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Pros and Cons of Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance
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