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Join us tomorrow. Put the kidnapped girls from Nigeria in the headlines. #BringBackOurGirls
New York City, NY -- This Tuesday, May 6th at 12pm EST, Girl Rising and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls initiative will be co-organizing a "Call to Action" Google Hangout in response to the abducted Nigerian school girls.

What's happening in Nigeria?

Tuesday marks three weeks since dozens of gunmen stormed the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Nigeria and abducted more than 200 girls who were asleep in their dormitories. Even as global media coverage grows, so do the fears of the families and communities of the missing girls.


With every passing day, the crisis intensifies: where are these girls and what will it take to bring them home? Mounting outrage around the world is matched by an escalating desire to do something  anything  to bring these girls to safety and their captors to justice.

Inspired by the passion of our community, Girl Rising and Smart Girls will co-host an open forum: a meeting of experts, organizers and passionate global citizens to discuss what's happening and what we can do to help.

To that end, we'll also be sharing an "action pack" of tools so anyone can raise visibility about the unfolding situation -- and help build the momentum needed to get these girls home.

Go to or for more information.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is a rapidly expanding online network and community movement whose aim is to help young women and the young at heart with the process of cultivating their authentic selves.

Girl Rising is a feature film and a global action campaign for girls’ education that uses the power of storytelling to spread the message that educating girls can transform societies.

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You have four more hours to get your advance ticket to #MomCom2014. Get it. You know who you are!

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Want to come to #MomCom2014 but didn'’t get a ticket? That'’s okay. Leave us a comment, and if there are any seats left, we'll let you know if you can buy one on site.

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Everyone loves the woman at @WholeFoodsATX with 8 cases of wine. I was a ROCK STAR today! #MomCom2014 #WinterWineWalk

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No, really. Today is the day. Register for #MomCom2014. No more procrastination. Are you in or are you out??

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I recognized several of these past bosses!  No wonder I'm an entrepreneur now!  Come on good to each other at work too!   #workingwomen   #badbosses   #worknightmares  
Oh, so have been there! So sad when it's women using their power to keep other women down! 

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Teach your kids about reaching out, getting involved, caring. Those are lessons that will change them forever! Thanks, +Stephanie Morgan for posting this! 
Looking for fresh ideas on raising charitable kids this year?

Check out our post today on how to make and distribute "blessing bags" as a family!

It's part of our "Happy Family Habits" series and one of my favorite habits yet :).

#givingback, #blessingbags, #charitywithkids  

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Thank you, +anne boysen ! Never have mastered that helicopter thing, so I;m happy to see I am on the right track!

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All progress made in prior decades at risk of vanishing. Very sad. #poverty   #singlemom   #thepoor  

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