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New Molly Rant (that I forgot to post when I posted it, so it's new to you!): For digital video to live, the 30-second pre-roll ad must die. Just a call for innovation on digital video advertising ... I beg of thee ...
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Advertisers must hate me - When I click on a video and an ad starts playing I immediately shut it down. No video is that important that I want to watch yet another ‘commercial’ before viewing. Sorry. I get my advertisement overload already via TV, Radio, DVDs, Movie theaters, buses, taxis, subways, magazines, newspapers,spam snail mail, billboards, website banners, pop-ups etc etc….
If you forgot to post it when you posted it +Molly Wood doesn't that like, mean you went back in time or something?

On a serious note I agree wholeheartedly, and agree with Ed above me, it's not worth the hassle. It's especially tiresome during election season.
I consider most product ads and all political ads to be forms of entertainment, since they can't seriously think I will buy what they are selling. At least some products try to be funny with their ads.
I'm like some others here - if I start a video and I get an ad, I close it and move on. If content providers want my ears then it's best they not start off by alienating me.
+Molly Wood Good piece, well-thought and -written. An interesting view from the inside, as it were.

Seems to me that one thing that would probably help is a greater diversity of ad buyers.

Right now it seems to me that online video suffers from some of the same problems low-rent TV does: there simply aren't many different ad buyers for their shows/segments, so the same ads end up repeating <i>ad nauseam</i>.

Maybe this will change as the popularity of online video grows, attracting a wider ad-buying clientele.
At the very least shorten the pre-roll. 30 seconds is to long.
The biggest problem with online video is that so much of it is excess packaging to the content. The 30 second pre-roll needs to die, but shoehorning content to video, for the sake of video, is even worse.
+Marcellus Barbee Indeed. But even a well-produced and/or funny ad gets tiresome after you've seen it 10 or 20 times in a couple of hours' video-watching.
I HATE pre-roll! I'm so sick of waiting 30 seconds to watch a 15 second clip.
I use adblock for Youtube so i don't see them there but on cnet tv they an be a pain especially when the same ads are repeated over and over.
I am watching a 30 second commercial on CNet just to see a 1 minute video. +Molly Wood preach louder.
the integrated ad seems to be the way to go, but it seems so Vitamina Vegamin
I hate that +Matt Pritchett Lots of web sites make you put up with ads that are almost as long as the video.
The thing that annoys me much more than a 30-second pre-roll is when you watch what would be an hour-long show on TV and each commercial break plays the exact same commercial. They don't do that on TV, why must they do that online? It's a rare commercial that I want to see 5 times in the space of about 50 minutes; even if I'm not annoyed by it the first time round, I'll be annoyed by it after seeing it 5 times in a row.
Wow, great profile pic. Almost didn't recognize you ......... :) Keep the tech knowledge coming, thanks!
Loved today's rant calling out Tim Cook. Great work!
Google Chrome's AdBlock blocks nearly all of those annoying ad videos. It's awesome - don't watch YouTube without it!
Yeah, that's why I avoid a lot of online video content. Hit play...pre-roll starts...hit close button. Wonder if that video was any good?

Comcast video on demand is no better. Oh look, the same stupid ad I saw on broadcast. And it's the only one they have for all the ad breaks. Isn't that engaging?
If ad meisters can't market a product in 140 character or less OR 15 second or less on #Youtube, then I'm not buying...
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