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Buzz Out Loud is live! Brian Tong and I talking Facebook password-for-jobs, Angry Birds on WP, and a big announcement.
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ati ku resa gelisah enta apa yg.aku pikir kan apaka
Did I hear correctly that BOL is ending soon? What does this mean for the other CNET podcasts?
Just heard it well I'm done with CBS.
I can't remember the first show I heard, but it came a couple of years before BOL 1000 around 600. The dynamics of JaMoTo was, in my mind at the time, appointment internet viewing.

Since Tom's departure, the show struggled to find the right balance, until you and Brian Tong took the show over and made it something really new and playful. That is not a shot at Cooley/Natalie/Rafe/etc., and only a recognition that finding the right balance of talent is hard no matter how smart/talented the people are.

Honestly, I knew this day was coming when the show went weekly. I am sorry to see it. I think CNet will miss the connection it has to its fans. I think you probably already do, even though what you are going to be doing in the future may be more rewarding professionally.

I would rather wean myself off from these last two episodes and pretend that it is still an option to join the chat than to witness the end of an era. Good luck.
Is it wrong to feel heartbroken over losing a podcast? :(
Hope the format changes still support busy people. The podcast format fills a need.
Samsung gave angry birds space for free with Samsung apps ,also its got levels ios does not have
Well, shoot. I just found BOL, and was really enjoying the chemistry of your personalities. Glad you are all going on to cool projects, but I will definitely miss this podcast. You make tech fun!
It is sad to see BOL going away and good luck on your new project.
Can't say the writing wasn't on wall. BOL jumped the shark after (before?) it went weekly, and I've been tuning in less and less since. Winner: TWiT.
It is management always is...please forget about Twit.
Is this because +Molly Wood went to iPhone? is it because Android failed her? Even with ICS? :) I think I fault the iOS influence... :)

Sad that BOL is going away. I know you know that.. but.. hey.. I'm still sad.. it's been a very fun, very honest, very personal/personable show. Tech, fun, geeky enough, but still human.

I like +Brian Tong enough (especially as I'm an asian dude), but the combo of you two/three has been even more awesome...
Things have to change sometimes. Just remember those listening in their cars can't and won't be watching your video's and fiddling with a app. Those people are cut off and will be looking for other podcasts. Sad.
Problem with bol is the weekly show did not change from the daily version , a sad end but its probably better to end than see knowone watches, good luck in the new show
Really hope not Molly will be fine.
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