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Hey, Plus friends, who's your favorite domain registrar?
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I haven't tried them yet, but hearing good things about
+Molly Wood They allow you to just buy a domain, and don't push hosting on you. (They do sell email hosting services, though.) Also, they will refund your money on old domains you have with them, towards the purchase of a new domain. How many of us have domains we don't use, but have spent hundreds over the years?
They are owned by Tucows. The also offer "never put on hold" phone support, as well as a service to transfer your domains over the phone for you.
For straight-up domain names? privacy controls and no-nonsense interface.
For domain names with hosting? ICDSoft--unparalleled customer service but still affordable.
Thanks, you guys! I'm going to try out Hover, and maybe Appreciate all the recommendations!
Ty Rad
Hover - DirectNic -
I second (or, I don't know, twenty-eighth) Great domain registry service.
Godaddy, I don't have a website, I just like the commercials. I know I know.
DynDNS. Not the cheapest, but these guys know their DNS.
You could've used a Google doc voting template & ppl could have clicked on their fav ... easier for you to read? But Hover seems to be front-runner.
TMDHosting. Support is superb!
i moved to Hover 2 years ago, simple page.... none of the nonsense option flustercluck that is godaddy
hover; gandi seems nice, but prices are almost 2x those of hover, and the less I pay for this kind of glorified DNS hosting, the better
we host over 25+ sites with these dawgs.
I've been migrating to namecheap. They seem good so far.
LOL @ this geek question. LOL x2 for people answering it.
Screw GoDaddy, Use SquareSpace, Or Hover !! GoDaddy Ads Are Sexist.
I know they're kinda reviled these days, but I gotta go with GoDaddy... Mostly because of the built-in DNS manager, you can have a lot more fine control over the services associated with your domains. Just forget about hosting with them, though!
I'd have to agree with everyone else who said that godaddy was their choice for domains, but don't host with them.
I still use Go Daddy, but it is for a low traffic personal website, so I guess it could depend on what the use of the site would be.
I gotta say GD. But I definitely want to see what Hover is about...never heard of them.
I can't go with someplace just because its cheap, it has to be good. And GD has LIVE support, if you need them.
1and1. I understand the Exchange hosting is problematic, but for basic hosting it is inexpensive and easy to manage.
We've used Go Daddy for our small business. No problems and the price has been reasonable. I found their webpage creation tool difficult to use (my skills are probably medium) but everything else has been fine.
I avoid interfacing with domain registrars, but when I do I use Stay thirsty my friend.
Not that will help u abroad, but here in South Africa, it's Hetzner! They are the best!
Switched from Bulkregister/enom (which I used for a decade) to 1&1 after Bulkregister raised their registration fees from $6/year to $14. Screw you, enom. Guess that's what passes for customer appreciation.
molly wood, hello, bueno que tengais buen día aqui en internet besosssssssssssssssss
eNom. And dayum, what a pic!
Been happy with Hover. (Ditched GoDaddy for them last year. Felt SOOOOO good.)
I use Hover and am quite happy with them.
Domainmonger is pretty cheap and has a lot of tools you can you to maximize the value of your domain.
GoDaddy. As much as we dislike their marketing style, they do have great tools.
godaddy, because THEY WON'T LET ME LEAVE with out a written notice. Oh, wait, wrong reason. Sorry, Not godaddy
I'm happy with both and
Verio (though I clearly need to check out Hover.) :-D
Moved everything to #Namecheap during the Godaddy fiasco in December. Very happy with them so far.
I've had things registered with Gandi for maybe a decade or so now - they have never given me reason to complain. When I first registered I got a call from my CC company asking me if I had charged something in France (Gandi is a French company) - but that was the only weirdness I ever experienced. I have a few things with GoDaddy but I need to get off my ass and move them over to Gandi... it's a danish company with free hosting of the end.
DNS ofcause... It's a "no Shit company" there service is good and prices are really low. I use to use, they too have really good service but became cheaper some years ago and offer just as good service
Hi Molly Wood, Nice pictures. what two things can not mix for you?
From William
Network Solutions for mgmt of domain names... No "we-ownn-the-name" junk.
For hosting, I use Their tech support is awesome... Problem with hosting?... They have great english-speaking tech support whizzes in the mid-west who easily and quickly understand a problem, work on it and talk with you technically about the issue... No middle-men, low-level support people, or "we'll get back to you.." I've been happy with them for years.
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