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Shopping season isn't over yet! +Brian Tong, +Donald Bell and I will host a Cyber Monday Hangout tomorrow at 1 p.m. PT to help out with gadget buying advice. Details to come ... 
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Won't it be too late for cyber Monday advice by then? 
Not necessarily. Some, if not most, markets are holding out with certain sales until later in retrospect to the early birds.
ahhh, good point.  looking for my nexus 7...
D Woods
So your looking for a reason to get drunk right 
Hey, I'm up for that +C. Paul Courtney . 151? :-) Of course this will hinder my ability to actually save for cyber Monday, so im not sure.
I miss Buzz Out Loud, I haven't found a replacement yet. Most tech shows are dull.
Sounds like a good idea. There are some good tech shows out there but BOL might have been the best.
There will never be a replacement for BOL but Tech News Today is the next best thing.
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