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Finally can share my new CNET project, coming in June! A new, 30-minute Web show called Always On. Here's a trailer, I hope you'll tune in! Trailer: Always On with Molly Wood
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will there be an audio version? i need my podcasts for my commute.
David H
+Molly Wood Looks great! Why not sooner than June? You are just going to torture us with waiting.
Looks good Molly. I'll be watching out for it.
This looks great! Congrats on the new show :D
The show looks like it's going to be phenomenal, Molly. You've outdone yourself -- congrats to you and the rest of the CBS Interactive team.
Congrats Molly. Looking forward to it.
Looks really really fun! Very much looking forward to it! I love that you got a full 30 minutes as well!
OK I was hoping that would be rubbish so I could rage about BOL ending. But damn! You killed it! (In the good colloquial sense not the murder sense!) I will totally be tuning in! Congrats Molly, it's lovely to see long time Bolers do well. :D
I'm so sad to see CNET LIVE go away. Buzz Out Loud was and still is my most favourite daily tech news show. I'm happy to see that CNET TV will continue on and that new shows are coming, but still very saddened by the end of LIVE :'(
Great! I could always use a little more +Molly Wood in my life...It is going to be torture waiting till June, but excited. Thanks!
This is great for +CNET! The world of tech news is missing a bit of fun and playfulness, and it looks that you're bringing it. Hopefully, the show will also guest-spot some of your editors from time to time. Gotta have some BT/Sharon/Nicole/Jessica/Donald in the mix!
Should be an excellent show to help buyers in making a decision a product.
I enjoyed this. I am not a big TV fan so this was perfect.
And probably a good advertisement for bathroom plumbing. Thing's gotta be stout to flush an android.
Not the worst way to find out about BoL. It does look like a show that won't work as audio that well. Ah well.
Sucks about BOL but I'll check this out. Glad you won't be able to escape us completely.
+Molly Wood good golly Ms Molly! this will be an awesome show! I love the trailer. "Stop thinking!"
Sounds very cool! I did accelerated life testing for awhile, and I always enjoyed getting paid to break things.
Sorry, but I find it dumb. Throwing gadgets into the toilet or throwing them down a stair just for the sake of it? Wake up, America.
Looks good, man but after so many years of BOL is hard to say goodbye to the show.
+Claudio Estrugo you will be surprised how many perfectly good cars are crashed annually just to test if a particular model would protect passengers in an event of a crash.

I don't think that's dumb. As for gadgets, shows like these show consumers how to fix/recover/save their unfortunate gadgets. They also show which gadgets would do well in an event described from videos. Granted no regular joe would intentionally drop their gadgets in the toilet but that doesn't change the fact that some people drop things in the toilet.
Love the trailer. I'll tune in for a few episodes.
why is a show called "always on" only 30 min long?
+Claudio Estrugo LOL well at least you're man enough to to do that.. hehehe.. other people would blame the phone's slippery case or something... LOL
CNET reviews + Loaded + time = Always On
I like this show. Can't wait to see more.
Good to see you have a new show in the works Molly.
Have you heard BOL will end next month.
this is gonna be like buzz report on steroids.
Ha Molly ! You look great and the show will be a big hit. I wish you the best.
Awsome skateboard i will be tuning in to that
Love Molly Wood, but those graphics have to go. They look like the same graphics that Revision 3 uses--not sure what program they're done in, but you need something more unique. Hopefully CBS will pony up the $.
I totally thought the trailer meant Molly was going to Rev3. It's the vignette and the reg/green starburst combo a la Tekzilla.
Does it mean that most of what is coverd here is part of the new show... that would be kind of outdated by June, don't you think? Anyways it is great to see you start a new show after all those guys defected and joined Leo. Good luck, I will be watching.
In tears over the end of BOL :( - but good to know that you can be found on other shows :). But PLLEEEAAAASSSEEEE do shows together - all three of you!!
Would definitely miss the ping pong, dynamics and goofing around!!
NICE! Another show by Molly Wood!! I can't wait!
Too bad BOL can't stay. At least Mailbag is back!
Please please no B Tong. I'm not kidding 
Finally an explanation for the tablet in the toilet!
hau le
Molly, can you help..
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Darn. I'm slowly loosing my audio only commute podcasts. :(
Molly, glad to see you branching off into your own thing. Trying morph BOL into something new was so much harder, I'll definitely follow you onto your next projects. Oddly, when I started listening to BOL it was just Tom and Veronica while you were off the show for a bit. When the three of you were together, it was amazing!
+Cliff Blank Me too, I listen while I work. I've just resigned myself to listening to the audio off of video podcasts. And thankfully my ipod will just play audio. Haven't figured out how to work it out for Android
I mean, it's not shocking. Sadly, the 404 will follow suit (which is another "great chemistry" show. +Brian Wilson saw the writing on the wall there. It's too bad, you can't reproduce witty banter in a choreographed broadcast show.

Somebody has lost their "ever-loving mind".
I hope there's an audio version for those who can't watch because of work schedules.
What happened to CNET live!?!?!?! Did I I miss something?????? Anyhoo Molly I think this will be awesome I totally love the idea, though I do agree with some of the post about having an audio only podcast for those of us multitaskers
Tami w
Molly, looking forward to the show. I'm a huge fan of Buzz Report. What's gonna happen to that show?

I am glad for the new content, but I am really gonna miss Buzz Out Loud!!
Good luck .. although I'm also going to miss Buzz Out Loud :)
First you tell us how great it'll be when BOL goes to a weekly show. Then, you just didn't show up, even once a week. Now, you're trying to tell us that this "me too" hardware show is some reasonable replacement. From the clip on BOL, it was entirely lacking in creativity or chemistry. For all the blather about new media, as close as I can tell, you're just trying to become a second tier talking head on old media.

From the clip, this will be no BOL, and will probably be only fractionally as entertaining. CNET is DTM. Such a shame, because BOL was one franchise that TWiT just couldn't touch.
Glad to see an improved Buzz report, but anyone have a suggestion for an audio replacement for BOL? Do I go back to TWIT? I only gave it up because of duplication on BOL. Guess I'll have to tune into radio again, wonder if it still works...
Really going to miss my BOL fixes. There is no tech show that came close to what BOL had, great topics covered by amazing hosts that really made everything fun and interesting. My wife even enjoyed watching it, given that it is a tech show that is saying alot. RIP BOL.
Gonna really miss BOL and the Molly rants and the Tong - Wood chemistry. :-(
Think the first show will be to test drive tongs tears as molly drops his new ipad in the toilet to see if its water tight ;) 
I'm really disappointed that cnet is apparently abandoning audio podcasts. Because that means that i won't be listening much anymore. Video is blocked at work, i won't be watching video on my cell while driving and i won't be watching video on my laptop at home because who has the time for that? This move smacks of CBS suits from NYC not understanding the real world.
Au contraire, I think +Gregg Long hit the nail (or a nail at any rate) on the head. I asked over and over for a CNET Live audio-only feed back when I had a really crap 'Net connection at the office that couldn't sustain a video stream. They never listened, and now this.
Not that I need it these days, but you know who has an audio-only live stream? TWiT. See ya, CNET.
"Always on" ... well that could also be the warning for the new Google Feature :

Whatch out !!! Google plus is now stealing all your photos and videos-
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This is even worse than Facebook I'm deleting google plus from my phone after this post !!
Also yes they use cell data... That you pay for, and they don't ask, they just do it. So I just hope that non of you ever took private photos or videos with your phone !!!
failure to life are people who dont try so congrats to you
Okay:) +1 and please find the coolest intro, cuz i always like "the tech news that everyone is talking about" ahhh im satisfied even at this begining.
Mikey D
there goes another employee, +Eileen Rivera , wonder why she would be leaving Twit, seems like a great atmosphere there.
★ TOTALLY LOVED IT! I enjoyed the unboxing (too bad it wasn't a Surface) but my favorite part was the DIY stylus. Seemed simple to make and efficient to use. 
We need to steal that social media point system from China! 
I wanted to try and see the show but the CNET site just keep taking me in circles and I can't find the show page, I keep getting the player showing me the same commercial. :(
Tami w
Been missing your show, Molly. Glad you're back.
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