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We are live now at with the very last episode of the year! Join us and chat along! 
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Will you ever torture test the droid razr maxx hd ?
Wow +Molly Wood how far were you from the camera to have all those people pass between you and the camera guy?  I enjoyed the torture tests, nicely done.
Chuck T
The silent movie torture test was awesome. 
Torture Test Of This Ep. Reminded Me Of Charlie Chaplin Movies (Black & White Movies With No Audio).
Loved It. Keep Up The Good Work.
Molly help me! I need your help! I'm not crazy but there was this popular iPod docking station toy thing back in 2009 or so and I can't remember the name of it! It was like an octopus squid thing of some sort. PLEASE HELP! I can't remember it!
hola amiga un gusto copnocerte por este medio espero hasyas pasado una hermosa navidad junto a tu familia dios te bendiga.
hmm,, maybe you an test the ... never mind. Sharon diy r godd
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