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Mailbag is returning, in the form of Always On! Please send me any questions or ideas you have for the show: the best story you have about killing a gadget? Questions about E3 or thoughts about Microsoft's Smart Glass or the future of gaming? Suggestions for products we should review on the show? Post them here or send them to always on at cnet dot com. Videos welcome. :) 
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I would love reviews on things like the Raspberry Pi. It seems to be lacking in the mainstream. 
I'm looking forward to the debut of Always On.

How about a segment on rooting an Android phone and installing custom ROMs? Pros and cons, popular ROMs, and a walkthrough.
Another idea. How about a regular piece on technology and parenting?
The TV + Netflix = parental wrestling time. I doubt that will get covered, though. It'd be funny, don't get me wrong. But that's more Revision 3 territory than CNET. 
How about the motorcycle drop test? Or the .22 Cal gorilla glass challenge. You know... at what distance can gorilla glass stop a bullet.
Screw that, being bulletproof is Nokia's time to shine. 
So its a challenge? Say your in a bank with a load of baddies. What phone could save your life? Nokia N900 or Motorola Razor Max. All you need is two phones, a .22 and some ballistics gel. 
Which one also has a gun? I would choose that one. But before that ever happened, I'd want the the one that steered me away from the bank and into the credit union. Man, this is a big scenario. I would probably throw the Motorola towards the robbers in the hope that the battery would explode. 

How many are there? If they're clustered really close, sliding the Nokia towards them should warp space-time and slow them down. Dude, you have no idea what you've done here. 
Missed you Molly, been awhile since I've seen you on any CNET vids!
The future of gaming is going to be in real world engagement. Such as coupons and perks for brands embedded in the game itself. IMHO.
O M G. thank you. I so missed mailbag. I can just hear you now tearing apart my grammer and spelling. 

Can you tell or show us the Best and Worst swag give away you saw at E3.
What's the best webcam website or application to have "conference calls" on?
Best story I have didn't actually kill the product. PBX mounted on a wall in a factory. Some one drove a fork lift fork through the box. knocked it off the wall but it still worked. For a while....
Molly with the baking in most of of ios features on the Macs do u think this is apple's way of killing off ipods?
Great! =) I just followed you to say that I miss your shows, and here it is! A +100 to you Molly!!
Aamir I
still taking questions? for next time after you do the stress test for the new ipad could you teach us some ways to fix our devices without breaking the bank?
The tests in the Galaxy S3 program were really good, but I would add a electromagnetic test like put the phone closer to a big speaker and a X-Ray test like X-Ray machines in the airport.
Temperature, water, drop, scratch electromagnetic fields and x-rays can be the most common challenges for a cellphone...
BTW, good program...
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