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Thanks to +Eileen Rivera for this one ... the spot-on parody of the pain of being an Apple fan is just ... too good. TOO GOOD. Dying laughing. 
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OMG! I was about to fall off from my chair laughing! ROFL!
Praj ab
Cool!! Makes me smile and think ;-)
Non removable battery alone is enough to NOT buy this POS....
Arr, I be loving that samsung be give' the ol' apple the full broadside.
Oh man freakin brutal. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing!
Regardless if you think It's childish. It's nice to see a company that won't back down and will be competitive to reach the top. Apple has great products but they don't give much freedom and tax you for accessories. I'm just excited to see a brand not afraid to throw some blows at the big fish. It's the same principals as someone standing up to unfair political policies and laws. They might not win but they will be heard.
I'm not showing my wife that.  She just got the Galaxy S III.  I pre-ordered the iPhone 5.
tom that
I love Samsung's Apple line parodies. They're awesome. And I say this, of course, as a mostly Apple guy.
Very odd to see a post coming out of CNET that in any way diminishes Apple.  CNET is comprised of 95% Apple fan-boys, and your RSS feeds prove it.  How about getting some people to actually add content to Android Atlas or would you guys lose your access to Cupertino?
I like that the guy is keeping a space for his parents. Clever plot twist there, like the message :-)
Note to self: must not feed the trolls, must not feed the trolls, must not feed the trolls...
I lost my sh*t at: "But the adaptor is like, SO cool"
the phone touch phone share looks cool until security breaches or invasions of privacy start becoming mainstream... plus, you have to do it with another S3.. which I have yet to see in the wild (or at least identify).  
I can't believe people actually get angry over these commercials. It's just good old fun and obviously targeted to people who may be looking for their first smart phone. They definitely aren't trying to convert anyone LOL.
this commercial is the new Coke vs. Pepsi ad... 'nuff said.
Commercial's funny, especially the pro-apple bias that's highlighted.  Apple produces some fine machines however the majority of folks in favor of them don't even know why they're for them rather than anything else.
I'll be ditching my iPhone 4 for the Galaxy S3 when the amber color is released :)
the way that apple keeps "innovating" their stuff, 
a.) the iphone 10 will have the same dimensions as an ipad
and b.) the legal team will be the richest paid group of employees in the whole world!
+DK Stanford i agree read my comment i gave dolcourt. The premise is that i asked if they will give this much attention to the next nexus, hell the next flagship windows phone. #truth #jussayin
(must not feed the trolls, must not feed the trolls...)
As of today all Apple iPad and iPhone folks are still on pre L T E speeds. Lter been out for like what a year now? Lol
ha ha lol Question, why do the competitors of Apple compare or bother with these type of ads, why not just concentrate on the outstanding features of their own products. Is this just a way to get attention? 
i like that all the "apple" fans instantly recognize it as a samsung from a distance.
Well if it's a big phone odds are it is Samsung!
Its funny how they have to show apple to sell their own product. Focus on showing your product.
Yeah, like Apple did with Windows!  We tell our clients to use the same platform on tablets as smartphones - don't mix Android and iOS - it makes it easier on the users with their apps, especially if they're not technical.  

Other than that, it really is six of one, 1/2 dozen of another. Except perhaps the iPad - not sure the Droid tablets have caught up there and haven't seen enough of the new Kindles. 

Gotta be a rare person that can keep a phone in pristine condition. 
It's like those mac vs pc ads; a satirical comparison of features thinly veiling pejorative comments about one of the sets of users. At least the veil is thicker and the comparison doesn't use misinformation, though.
As a very wise woman once said: "And the Apple/Samsung pissing match continues...." ;-)
Get is done Samsung! hahaha so funny
Love how ballzy Samsung has been with its ads recently. This is a war apple shouldn't have started :)
OS WARS, EPIII: Revenge of the Samsung
I love my Samsung S3.  So much so that I think one of you should buy it off of me.  Please.  No seriously.  Please?
I love the twist on who the guy is saving a spot in line for: his parents. Way to show the young geeks where the tech trends are going. If you want safe and predictable (i.e. boring) you go with iPhone. If you want something cool and groundbreaking, go with Samsung. And who doesn't love mocking the lemming quality of the Apple line waiters. I'm half tempted to head to my local Apple store Friday just to survey the crowd. It is nutty.
+Art Silva I'm actually worried about that.   I bought the GS3 when it came out with the intention to try Android.  So many G+ folk seem to love it, and although I haven't had an issue with iOS, I figured it was worth a shot, and if I didn't like it, I'd flip it when the iPhone 5 came out.  Well, it slid out of my pocket at work (maybe a foot and a half) and created a dent in the plastic rim, and somehow there is a light starburst pattern that looks like a stress point (no idea how that got there).  Regardless, the update that was just pushed failed, and bricked the phone.  Well, not entirely bricked, the blue led lights up, but I knida need it for more than that.  I just had the carrier send it in for repairs tonight.  I guess it'll take 15 days to fix.  Kinda miss the Apple store experience where I bring in broken phone, leave with a working phone in about 15 minutes.  Since my carrier has no loaners in the city right now, I really really miss that experience.  
But now I wonder if I'll get anything for it.  Local classifieds are selling it for a little more than what I could get for the iPhone 4 it replaced.  It's going to take a lot to get me to ever consider another Samsung device. 
And the moral if the story: if you can't handle technology (i.e. you're prone to dropping your phone), stay safe and go with Apple.
I honestly don't get these online complaints about people so easily breaking their Samsung phones. I drop mine about 2-3 times a day and don't have as much as a scratch on it. (Granted I use a TPU case to soften the blow.) However,+Molly Wood threw her Samsung S3 (naked and unskinned) in the air and let it crash to the floor three times for a torture test on Always On. The back fell off and battery popped out, but there wasn't a dent on it. What do you people do to it?!
+Jennifer Kokoski Well, it was in my pocket (new pants), I leaned back in my chair, and it slid out.  I think it might have hit the chair leg, because there is a quarter inch dent beside the volume buttons.  It still really surprised me.  So...  yea.  Must be the angle or something.  Oh, yea, no case for me. 
+Ryan Thompson I am sorry for you. That is some terrible luck. I once killed an LG Optimus by dropping it on the pavement (after I'd dropped it 3-4 times without issue). My takeway lesson was to ALWAYS put a case on my electronics. Once a Butterfinger, always a Butterfinger. Since putting a TPU on, my devices survive all sorts of damage. They don't add much bulk but do give the sides and screen a soft bumper. You may want to invest in one for your next phone (including the iPhone). $10 saves you a fortune.
So good, so funny. Love it. Love Samsung.
+Art Silva
it's because of the percieced value by third parties, and because apple wants as many old models removed from population as possible.

basically, apple is taking a hit to force the new version, hoping it pays off in brand loyalty and upgrades. it's ultimately unsustainable, so enjoy it now, because it won't be that way forever.
+Ryan Thompson

you're blaming samsung for having terrible local carrier support and user error (sorry, dropping your phone is considered user error), but i get it. you had a bad experience and want to switch up.

regardless of what phone you use, you should switch carriers. fifteen days for the repair of their ota issue? that's ridiculous.
+Jennifer Kokoski One of my main use cases is a windshield mount, so cases don't really work well for that, because you keep having to swap it out.
I believe the prove that no one likes iPhones and that they have lots of deficiencies is that even the iPhone lovers have to change it every year. Eg: my mother LOVES her phone, she has it for about 5 years now
+Ryan Thompson Slipping a TPU on and off takes about 3 seconds. Hardly a lifetime of effort to save your investment. Seriously I wouldn't carry around ANY phone (even the iPhone) without a case. Same thing for my tablets. Your playing with fate going naked.

Plus I'm a girl so being able to customize your phone with a case is a benefit. ;)
What I like most it is that it pictures so well all the differents personalities of people and their behabior.  It make laught a lot.
Good to hear +Ryan Thompson . My work is done here. Seriusly there are some really nices cases out there. I was just looking at the Samsung flip case yesterday. That's an even more elegant solution that adds less bulk than a TPU. In general, you want something that will protect the edges. In all these drop tests the failure happens when the phones hit the corners. The force is distributed across the glass and cracks it. Gorilla Glass is really strong and resistant to direct hits. It's those side hits that cause it to buckle. Both the iPhone and Galaxy use Gorilla Glass. I'm not too worried about the Galaxy back cover. It is meant to pop off easily. That is specially treated plastic which is bendable.
I love this stinking video! No matter how many times I watch it I just laugh. 
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