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My team is hosting a 3-day learning event next month. We hope to have engaged conversations with webinar participants about the tools and resources they use to promote positive financial behavior in their clients. Join us!

Hi all! I'm the social media specialist for the Personal Finance group of the Military Families Learning Network. I've been working with Qualtrics for about a year to develop our post-test quizzes for the certificates of completion we issue to folks who attend our webinars and wish to seek CEUs. However, I know Qualtrics has many more capabilities than what I'm using it for and I'd like to learn more.

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Follow the chat using #MFLNchat  We'll be discussing the importance of and options for financial planning that military caregivers have. 

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Check out the slides for Tuesday's webinar - 2015 Personal Finance Year in Review, under "Event Materials." 

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Military service members and their families encounter numerous transitions throughout their military careers, including entering active duty, deployments, transferring from one duty station to another, leaving active duty to enter the reserve component or making the transition back to civilian life. Each of these transitions impact a military family’s financial situation. This 90 minute interactive webinar will review research on military family financial issues including family transitions on pay, benefits, and money management practices. Spousal financial concerns will be discussed. Resources will be shared. 

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Participants must register:  Register now for the Personal Finance Twitter Cohort Lite (if the registration link does not work for you, try this one, You’ll be signing up to receive a daily email from 5/18-5/31. Each email will include tips and links to resources to help you get comfortable with Twitter and figure out how to use it for your purposes. Participants will tweet with the #twittercohort hashtag throughout the two weeks to connect to and learn from each other. You will need to have or create a Twitter account before you register, here's how to get one.

The Twitter Cohort Lite is a free learning experience presented by the Military Families Learning Network Personal Finance team and eXtension Network Literacy Community of Practice that takes a new approach to introducing people to the social network Twitter by:

Immersing participants in the culture to build a sense of social comfort

Creating a community of learners to build a sense of social presence and promote social learning

Providing “guides” to help learners find their way

In the Twitter Cohort Lite, you will learn by doing. Over the course of 2+ weeks:

You’ll build your Twitter personal learning network centered around your interests.

You’ll engage in conversations with a Twitter community that starts with your fellow cohort members and reaches across the world.

You’ll start online relationships that will last into the future.

You’ll begin to see how Twitter can be used for teaching, learning, and connecting.

Our “guides” and your fellow Cohort participants will provide support throughout the session. You can ask for help and get advice by tweeting using the hashtag #twittercohort.

The Twitter Cohort is a preparatory event for the Personal Finance Virtual Learning Event. This 3-day learning event will include daily hour-long Twitter chats.

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If you missed yesterday's #MFLN
webinar, the recording is now available. 

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In this web conference we will learn about mutual funds as a tool for long-term savings for families. We will discuss the elements of a fund and costs associated with funds. We will discuss ways in which mutual funds fit into a military families’ financial plan. We will also learn about performance measures and important characteristics of mutual funds highlighted in the prospectus. Finally we will learn about ways in which we can make decisions using fund screeners. We will use several case studies to illustrate. 
Dr. +michael gutter will present this 90-minute webinar. 1.5 CEUs available to AFC-credentialed participants. Free. 

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Join us Tuesday, Sept. 23 for this 90-minute webinar with Dr. O'Neill. She'll discuss financial planning tips and resources for maximizing retirement savings, as well as making up for lost savings time. 1.5 CEUs for AFCs. Free.

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The United States has an increasingly aging population including baby boomers age 50 to 68 (in 2014). Older adults face unique financial planning challenges. These include making irrevocable decisions about claiming Social Security benefits, selecting Medicare supplement health insurance and long-term care insurance, selecting income-based investments (e.g., annuities), making sustainable retirement asset withdrawals, and calculating required minimum distributions (RMDs) due on tax-deferred savings plans such as traditional IRAs and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). This 90-minute webinar will “package” together 15 key later life financial planning topics that older adults and the practitioners who serve them need to understand and address. Topics that will be covered in the webinar include:

- Common financial errors of older adults
- Statistics about older adult finances
- Common later life financial characteristics and required decisions
- 15 key later life financial planning topics (e.g., creating a retirement “paycheck,” required minimum distributions, untitled property transfers, and leaving a legacy)
- Personal finance resources for older adults and financial practitioners
- Participant interaction will include discussing workable financial planning strategies for older adults, older client errors and “blind spots,” older client success stories, and more.

1.5 CEUs available for AFC-credentialed participants.  More information about this process is available here: 

For information on how to join this webinar:
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