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Licek Icons (PNG, inverted) by Colby Roark. Edited SG KWGT. Boring old Helvetica Neue :) 
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Molly Elizabeth

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Not sure which category to post this in, but is it possible to make a similar module to Lock Screen Clock Mods, but for the status bar? I know about Xstana and Flat Style Bar Indicators, but it'd be cool to be able to simply alter the system status bar slightly. I'd like to make the clock and battery percentage font bold, for instance, and maybe change spacing between icons and such. If it's not possible, that's cool, too, it just occurred to me that I'd like something like this.
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Molly Elizabeth

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I emailed dev/s but got no reply, so I'll ask again here: is there any way to set the CyanDelta home directory (where original zip is stored) to external storage on CM13? I need that storage space!
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Molly Elizabeth

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I like to pull to search when adding widgets so I don't have to scroll through the list, but since the recent beta update, I can't actually pick up the widgets that appear I'm the search results (neither Recently Installed/Updated, or after text entry). I've tried it many times with no luck. Not a huge deal, just a small inconvenience.

On a related note, here's a feature request: how about being able to hide and arrange widgets in the widget drawer just like you can with apps in the app drawer? And how about folders within folders on the homescreen? I think both drawers and the desktop should have the same features, for consistency, which they mostly do, aside from the features I just mentioned.
Please consider, thanks!
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Yeah I can't find any widget options on my settings either
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Molly Elizabeth

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+Visualis​ #visualis This is kind of a tribute to the GREVT GRVY! #F92D59 forever!
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Was adding the new Theme Chooser a good choice?

Personally, I don't like it. I'm regretting updating without making a backup so badly. I might revert to a backup I made in early July, just so I can change boot animations and fonts again.

I tried submitting a regression but no action was taken; maybe cause I didn't assign it to anyone in particular? Never reported any bugs before, so I don't really know how the process works.

Another small issue is that icon packs don't theme the theme chooser icon anymore because the activity name still reflects that of the old Themes app. Also, going into an icon pack's dashboard and selecting "apply with CMTE" no longer works; because for all the icon pack app knows, the Theme Engine isn't installed (once again, probably an issue of the activity name not matching).

I realize these are small issues; connectivity and performance are just fine, otherwise. But the Theme Engine is one of the main reasons I use CM: it's a hobby, I guess, and little things like icons and boot animations just brighten my day. So I'm very disappointed and I want some feedback.
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Yes, the new one is better
No, the new one is too buggy
It doesn't matter
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+Edgar Wagt nice, thanks, sounds like the best of both worlds!
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- Gallery icons: (edited to be grayscale in Photo Editor by Dev Macgyver)
- Lightly edited SG KWGT:
- Wall from that new Google wallpaper picker app, in "Textures" category
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Molly Elizabeth

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Buying this for sure if I don't win. #udel #minimalist #giveaway
#GIVEAWAY for upcoming #UDEL IconPack!!
Winner will get 10 free promo code when it release on Playstore

How to enter?
1. Follow me if you don't yet
2. Reshare with post tag #udel #minimalist #giveaway

How to win?
1. Comment this post with your best ANSWER of WHAT EXACT APP on this post refers to?? (just 1 comment per person). Remember, Udel is about think very minimal!
2. Top 5 CORRECT answers will get promo code directly, and 5 rest will be chosen by random.
3. Giveaway will close on MOnday 5

Clue: this app has 1+ M download on PS

If you don't know what Udel looks like, plese see:

Let's see how minimalist you are :D 
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