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PSA: Google+ pages are officially available for businesses. Good info/post. Thanks, +Danny Sullivan!
They're here! The roll out over the next two days. Don't just start a page for your company if you're not the social media person for that company. Do that, and only you can admin it, for the moment. This tip and much more in my story below.

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R.I.P., R.E.M.

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Business profiles + analytics = good things worth waiting for.
(via +Bill Gross)
I think businesses are going to be thrilled with what they get on Google+

There has been so much turmoil about the business pages, but I sure think businesses are going to be thrilled with what they get - albeit after a wait, but a tiny wait- if they get Google's full awesome analytics treatment as is described below.

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News sharing . . .
Have you created a "news circle"? I'm adding many of these orgs to mine.
(hat tip to +Ben Malbon)

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So, I was off the grid for several days -- and it was fantastic -- though I must say I tried occasionally to get 3G service on my iPhone (this was at a beach house where I found only two spots where my phone picked up any signal at all)! Also, I'm pleased to say I now can cross "stay at the (awesome) Tee Pee Motel" off my bucket list.

While I was away, I posted a handful of photos on Instagram, which makes me wonder: If/when Instagram and Google+ are linked, how receptive will G+ users be to seeing photos published from Instagram in their streams?

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Public service announcement, y'all: Regarding business and brand use of Google+, read the comments here (on +Danny Sullivan's post) from +Bradley Horowitz and +Christian Oestlien
You know, Google, sometimes you suck so hard it's not even funny. Went to enable our Search Engine Land account here on +. Invite demanded a birthday. Made one up, because you know, web sites don't really have birthdates. Facebook understands this. I'd have expected you to. I get a message saying you've instantly disabled the account because "You do not meet the age requirements for a Google Account." Wow. Oh, but if I'm older than 13, I can go the unlock procedure. Nice. What's that, just set the right date. You know, which might be good if someone just hit the wrong button. No. I have to send you a copy of my ID (you know, Search Engine Land doesn't have a birth certificate) or pay $0.30. Well, paying the $0.30 was cheap and fast. All set. But why. Why why why when you've been working on this thing for a year now does it emerge with no support for non-human entities? You did the same thing with Buzz. It's crazy. Nutso. And don't get me started on the absurd lack of namespace support or the Buzz accounts we started for publications that have been rendered useless.

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Seeking how-to info: If you've seen other good write-ups about Google+, add links to them here, so we can share.
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