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i have checked it in gmail and was surprised that it affects gmail too.
the biigest problem being that when we include a no break space (alt+0160)...then technically we are changing file extension and rendering it unexecutable...but when we upload it on gmail/fb then while processing they remove the space and again make it executable...this may be a more of a browser vulnerability than fb/ it may happen that the browser itself is removing the space coz. if in gmail an email containing exe file arrives then it is thrown in junk folder. this means that the problem is at the last part i.e. browser.
i have checked downloading it with free download manager and noticed that the space is retained. so the file isnt executable. thus the culprit here is the browseer itself.
no its not the uses javascript to check exe extensions but not fb........
it affects both of them and as far as checking is concerned, dont know abt gmail but fb runs virus scan on evry attachment . i tried sending a virus (for testing) on fb but it was scaned and rejected.
what virus...your programmed virus or downloaded virus which is already in database of many antiviruses
yes i know. the point i want to make is that at least they are scanning all uploaded files. is somewhat good in fb
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