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Mohammad Raed

I hate saying this but Manga+ works better than MangaBlitz in downloading new chapters, i can even download from MangaPanda again. 
Have you considered looking back to improve the app ? 
MangaBlitz is unusable now, many of my friends moved to alternative apps. 
I with all the best for this app, it's the best reading app but not the best downloader 
Sorry for any trouble. 

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Here are some screens
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After the Update nothing works 
Just an empty screen, i can't do anything 

I have been using Mangablitz for a long time now 
This is the first time i get the same problem over and over again
I download a chapter and i get another one downloaded instead of the one I want 
This isn't a problem with manga panda source 
This is a problem with the app, I know that because i have an old version of Manga+ and it work perfect without any problems 
Please fix this problem, I can no longer enjoy the app i love 

I have a suggestion to make like chapter 7.5 readable by the app instead of transferring it to chapter 8 and move along with it 
It causes a lot of confusion and mess 

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This is a problem i encountered today when chapter 630 of bleach released
I got an update from mangablitz and downloaded the chapter, but instead chaper 629 was downloaded in the name of the new chapter

I would like to suggest making an option for the size of cover art

is there a way that i can chose another source to download from ? 

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Hey, thanks for the app it's great 
but i still love manga plus reader more 
can you please upload the last version of manga+ ? 
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