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An #AmericanSoldier was just watching???!!!

+Tottenham Hotspur Academy

you'll never finish above +Arsenal LOL... I mean like FOREVER... NOT EVEN IF YOU HAVE GOD ON YOUR SIDE... #shameonyou! #hahahaha

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21st April 2016 - 75th minute

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What's wrong with my #moto360 here. It keeps on restarting at Motorola logo... And I am unable to choose to boot either on normal or recovery mode 

Has anyone managed to solve OP2's USB not recognized issue when connected to PC?

#OPT #OnePlus #USBTypeC #Troubleshoot

oh #God please take the lives out of #arsenewenger and +lavona paulse too!

#FACup #ArsvsWat

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+AirAsia​​ is full of JOKES!

Should have arrived at 2230 and not yet departed at 2245?

This will be my last time with you CHEATER!!!

*your pilots are on MC again like last week??? Shame on you!

#airasia #airasiaX #airasiasucks #boycottairasia #malaysianairlines #MAS

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+U Mobile
I would like to complain about your call centre (1318) staff by the name of Shahida. She was rude even from the start of our tele-con. Her tone was like she's busy doing something else and was not interested to attend to my decent query. I called the centre to ask about my #powerprepaid registration which I got for free from Speedmart 99. I didn't know that I can only register at dealer (in this case speedmart) so I proceed on my own using easy menu via mobile phone as per the instruction on the prepaid package. It wasn't a success and that's where I called for help. She asked me to go back to the dealer for registration and I'm okay with that, but her tone has really made me mad and disappointed. I really hope that +U Mobile​ will ensure that you have a polite staff especially those in charge of call centre. We won't call unnecessarily, so professionalism is very important here.

U-mobile postpaid CUSTOMER

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Using #ashtonkutcher as the promoter is bad ass... 
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