To all the posts about “zombie Jesus”, I present you this. (The ignorant part of this might be slightly relatively subjective)
Why is all this nonsensical obsession about a holiday that is not yours to begin with? You don't believe in it after all! What happened to the claim of being logical (subjective?)? Is this how low you want to go in the call to atheism? Have you heard of the logical fallacy reductio ad ridiculum (Appeal to ridicule)? Fine, you don't believe in it, and probably a billion other people don't as well; but do you feel that threatened that you have to go as low as this? If you're sure and confident of your conviction, then there is no need for ridicule. In fact, you'd prefer to be in a discussion/debate than a competition of who could mock the other more!
P.S.: I don't think it also concerns you either whether it was a pageant holiday that was stolen or not. It the concern of those who hold the belief.
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What's worse than an extremist ignorant religious?
An extremist ignorant atheist.

Both are destructive forces who give their community a bad name.
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