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Sad sad sad.

The first time I learned about him was when I first saw the movie Awakenings, which is based on his book and actual experience at a hospital in NY. Two weeks ago, after I listened to 2 of his books "On the Move" and "The Mind's Eye", I sent him an email of appreciation and sharing a personal experience which I thought might interest him and was hoping for a reply of his thoughts. He's one of the authors I hoped I'd attend a lecture for or meet him at a conference.
Dr. Sacks explored some of the brain’s strangest pathways in best-selling case histories like “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” achieving a level of renown rare among scientists.
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Very Sad, i just finished reading his last book " On the Move "
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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How much are they going to be? They're already dirt cheap!
Except for the blue ones; those suckers are expensive compared to the others.
A Florida State University engineering professor has developed a new highly efficient and low cost light emitting diode that could help spur more widespread adoption of the technology.
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Yeah, Cree makes blindingly bright LEDs.  They are amazing.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Kansas Must Be Extrovert's Heaven
There's a very curious link between topography and personality.
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+Robert Anstett Kansas is all rolling hills. That's why they have a huge section called The Flint Hills lol. As far as extroverts liking open spaces...I could see that....Texas.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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This is great! I've been looking for a website like this. Choose a city or a country and it'll list all the conferences and events in that place.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Six members of the Lykov family lived in this remote wilderness (The Siberian taiga in the Abakan district) for more than 40 years—utterly isolated and more than 150 miles from the nearest human settlement.
In 1978, Soviet geologists prospecting in the wilds of Siberia discovered a family of six, lost in the taiga
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Rigorous cabin life
ping +Robert Rambusch 
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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What constitutes ‘correct’ grammar in English seems to have a cyclical life, aided and abetted by new generations of enthusiastic grammarians.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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So I went to see Ant Man tonight and this happened. Only about 10 people waited around.
Seriously! Who leaves a Marvel movie before the credits finish?!
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Same here! I was with a friend today to watch the movie, and only another couple was in the room. They left as soon as the credits started running... :/
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Someone's suggesting you should eat boogers.

For #science !

Boogers are more than an annoyance. Your body makes them for a very specific purpose — and it's not to gross out other people.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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I saw this movie this morning. It was good, and it seems to be almost 98% accurate reflection of the true story it's based on.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Tesla is squirming in his grave
Claim their child is harmed due to "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome."
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Mai *
Get educated is an electric Youniverse and it will not harm's just another propaganda to keep the old expensive crap!
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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This is from just last year. 
She has lived in the wilderness for 71 years but famous Old Believer faces the cameras to deliver world a message for first time.
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