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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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I love Mary Roach's books! I only read "Gulp" and "Packing for Mars".
Her style of writing makes them more enjoyable. It feels more conversational, with side remarks, and a few jokes, while still scientific and educational.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Where is Sacks When We Need Him :(
Meet the first person ever diagnosed with severely deficient autobiographical memory. She knows facts about her life but can't mentally relive any of it.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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How Engineers Duel

"I'm sending you a non-Wikipedia link!"
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Sees big pile of poop, "ah, my precious!" 
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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I find this inspiring.

"As the 21-year-old Heisenberg appeared before the four professors on July 23, 1923, he easily handled Sommerfeld's questions and those in mathematics, but he began to stumble on astronomy and fell flat on his face on experimental physics. In his laboratory work Heisenberg had to use a Fabry-Perot interferometer, a device for observing the interference of light waves, on which Wien had lectured extensively. But Heisenberg had no idea how to derive the resolving power of the interferometer nor, to Wien's surprise, could he derive the resolving power of such common instruments as the telescope and the microscope. When an angry Wien asked how a storage battery works, the candidate was still lost. Wien saw no reason to pass the young man, no matter how brilliant he was in other fields."
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He was just uncertain. It was his principle.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Whether we’re overcome with joy at a beautiful wedding ceremony, or we just watched the first devastating 15 minutes of Up and now we’re questioning our own fleeting existence, our bodies respond in much the same way: tears . But it's not just...
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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As I was making coffee today, a thought hit me.

Here, it's common to call drip coffee "American coffee," while it's not called such in the US. There's another thing referenced by a country's name outside of that country but not within it. Brazil nuts are not called "Brazil nuts" in Brazil. They call them "castanha do Pará," meaning "chestnuts from Pará."

At 2 examples, you might be tempted to extrapolate into: "food that is qualified by country/place name are not qualified by it within that country/place; or it's referenced by another name," as I did. Not so fast. Sunflower seeds is common in my hometown. It's commonly called "sunny seeds;" but it's also common to call it "Hasawi seeds," meaning "seeds from Al-Hasa." The rule is broken. Maybe it wasn't much of a rule though.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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Is a thing even a thing?
Alexander Stern, "Is That Even a Thing?", NYT 4/16/2016: Speakers and writers of American English have recently taken to identifying a staggering and constantly changing array of trends, events, memes, products, lifestyle choices and phenomena of nearly every kind with a single label — a
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I never metajoke I didn't like.
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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tl;dr: Integer Overflow
by Ryan Lambie. If you've ever seen the 2007 documentary The King Of Kong, you probably know a fair bit about Nintendo's 1981 arcade classic, Donkey Kong. You'll know that it marks the first appearance of Super Mario, then billed as "Jumpman," and that it involves leaping over barrels and making ...
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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"Unfortunately, the ignorant public sees people with disabling migraine as morally weak for not functioning normally despite their headaches, and having them because they did something wrong by not properly addressing their lifestyle. The disease itself is, bizarrely, perceived as either being easy or impossible to treat."
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Mohammed S. Al Sahaf

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ASUS Delivers BIOS/UEFI Updates Over HTTP Sans Verification

Because what could possibly go wrong?!
… my first disclosure. Man, it feels weird doing this. From the vendor that brought you a vulnerable cloud storage platform comes ___ ____ __ __ __ / _ \___ ___ ____/ / / / /__ ___/ /__ _/ /____ / //...
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Ed S
That's certainly not good!
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