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Hubble space telescope to retire?
The 25 year old reflecting type telescope had gone through a total of five service missions, each leaving the telescope in better shape than before.Then why cant it be repaired again? ...With the retirement of NASA's Space Shuttle fleet in 2011,we lost our ability to upgrade or fix the HST, which will inevitably lead to the loss of our most spectacular window to the heavens by around 2020s. By then, the next generation Webb Space Telescope may be out there.

For further details
The "Hubble" is named for the American astronomer Edwin Hubble, who showed that galaxies farther from us seem to be moving away more rapidly than those nearer -- evidence that the universe is expanding.
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+Harro Penk Thanx. I hadn't considered that aspect of things. Thanx for correcting me. It was just a thought I had. Made sense in my head, but so do wood blocks. lol
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Does the sun have a surface?
What we see as the opaque surface is just nothing but a layer known as photosphere which is several hundred kilometres deep consisting of neon in plasma state(often referred to as the forth state of matter). 
It is believed that around 4800 km beneath, there exist an iron alloy transitional layer which may be the place from where the solar winds, electrically charged coronal loops originate.

So the sun may not be simply a sphere of fire or hydrogen but there may be a  hard and rigid ferrite surface beneath.

For more details on this amazing piece of research, please follow

Image credit :- Prof. Goran Scharmer/Dr. Mats G. Löfdahl/Institute for Solar Physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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+Tusker Kombans Thanks bro.Usually my "space" posts would kick start a discussion but this one was unfortunate, but still happy to hear that the question still vibrates :)
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Mohammed Afsal.M

• Ecology/Nature ✿  - 
Carbon dioxide can be a boon .
CO2 fertilization effect is the process by which plants become more productive due to the increased CO2 concenteration in the atmosphere.This has been observed decades ago but a recent study of arid regions around the globe shows that  carbon dioxide fertilization effect has infact caused a gradual greening from 1982 to 2010.
See how nature responds to our carelessness!!
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+John Poteet 
No need get arrogant bro,perhaps I didn't include the list of crops that get a specific boost by CO2 fertilization effect.These include soya bean,rice and many other crops.See rice,the most common food for humans get a positive boost by this effect.
And bro I did not meant that carbon dioxide production should be encouraged but I only wanted to say that our worries can be stepped down a little with this great advantage side of Carbon dioxide.
Remember God never creates something with all good or all bad.
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Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,
are you aware of the Islamic golden age that lasted for the first 400 years of Abbasid rule, roughly from 750 to 1150 AD.The great inventions and discoveries that occured during this period will mesmerise anyone as it clearly shows how the Europe emerged from the dark ages to their golden age by following the works of Islamic scholars.
The following video will tell us some of those inventions.
This was uploaded by " The Merciful Servant" and all credit goes to him.
Why I posted this is to show how the true ardent believers of those time were able to come up with success by putting their faith on the lord.And I hope we believers can still be the best. 
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seen this already, but a great reminder again thank you. 
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Europa,the giant moon of Jupiter has got a large icy surface and beneath that there is an ocean thousands of kilometres deeper than our's.Who knows what lies there?Maybe our grand grand children may come up with an answer!!
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+Adam Zielinski I'm not sure as I'm also not an expert in these subjects.By creating this post I just meant to tell the "fact" that there is more water on Europa than in Earth to my fellow googleans. And I thank you for spotting my mistake and I'm great-full to you.A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. 
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Mohammed Afsal.M

Shared publicly  - 
Celebrate five years of Assassin’s Creed with us! 

Details here:

Download the Fan Kit here:
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Friendship is like a bridge built with trust, so don't let it rust away
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Mohammed Afsal.M

Science Bytes (Memes, Cartoons, Images)  - 
 Ever seen a bright circle surrounding a full moon or the sun? This is an optical phenomenon called as the Halo and they are produced by the ice crystals in cirrostratus clouds high above our head.The ice crystals in these clouds acts as prisms and mirrors and thereby they refract and reflect the light simultaneously .
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+Lyle Canthrope ,chances of seeing two rings are very rare especially with the moon.But one may see two rings and even many arcs along with the sun.
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Can a plant show periodic motion all by itself?This plant(ground orchid) moves one of it's leaf throughout the night.I have witnessed this and I'm pretty sure this is not because of wind.
Can anyone please give a suitable scientific explanation for this.
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Salutari prietenoase, numele meu este GCD, sunt tehnician proiectant in industria constructoare de masini, si in urma a peste 23 de ani de cercetari private in domeniul electromagnetismului, am reusit crearea unei tehnologii de producere a energiei electrice curate, nelimitate, folosind energia campului magnetic emis de magnetii permanenti. Utilizarea acestei tehnologii poate revolutiona o arie foarte larga de activitati, stimuland puternic atat performantele economico-sociale, cat si protectia mediului, creand in acest fel premisele unei imbunatatiri a vietii oricarei fiinte vii de pe planeta noastra. Adresez acest mesaj oricarei persoane, fundatie, companie sau organizatie, interesata de implementarea utilizarii acestei tehnologii. Din motive usor de inteles, nu pot oferi in acest mod detalii suplimentare, insa, voi face cu deosebita placere aceasta, in cazul concretizarii unui contract de colaborare. Voi analiza cu placere ofertele dumneavoastra de colaborare, pe care le puteti trimite la urmatoarea adresa

Friendly greetings, my name is GCD, i am technician engineer in the engineering industry, and after over 23 years of private research in the field of electromagnetism, i managed to create a technology to produce clean and unlimited electricity, using the magnetic field issued by permanent magnets. Using this technology can revolutionize a very wide range of activities, stimulating strong performance both economic and social, and environmental protection, creating the premises of improvement of every living life on our planet. I address this message to any person, foundation, company or organization interested in implementing the use of this technology. For understandable reasons, can not provide more details in this way, but I do with great pleasure that, when materialization of a cooperation agreement. I'll be happy to review your offers of collaboration, which you can send to the following address

energie curata <>
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Mohammed Afsal.M

• Biology  - 
Can anyone explain this phenomenon?
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+Akshay Ramrekha but the other plants of the same kind are motionless
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I'm really crazy about these earth like planets.But I don't know about their authenticity.What do you think about it?Could life exist there?(Like Pandora)
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+Brian Ronald Chance of life not existing elsewhere is so small its scientifically impossible to measure not the other way round    'Drake'
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I'm a beginner in C++.But due to curiosity I downloaded an entire source code of a program which can give animated outputs under the header file graphics.h  .But when I compile I'm getting an error as "BGI Graphics not supported under windows".Can anyone please helm me.
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Thank you sir,I will try it out.
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My skills, huh?I play football,basketball ,crazy in drawing(mostly pencils skeches), learned swimming, a bit of magic, and oh on the top its gaming !!!
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My life,for which I'm always thankful to the Lord and I spend my time thanking him, digging up science and technology journals(or being an engineering student, the application side of science interests me).

I may keep things private to little extent but still I can be cool , like to hangout, chat, and fight .And yeah, since you have gone through my intro, let me go through yours as when you add me :)

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