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Dynamic content slider for #blogspot blogs.
Ever wondered how to display your most recent posts from a selected category inside a dynamic Image slider? Lets create a responsive content slider for BlogSpot blogs that may display recent posts from a specific label automa...
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Spam bots have become so efficient today that ordinary techniques used for spam protection such as security CAPTCHA, arithmetical...
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A Visit to Central Jail Karachi and discovering the truth behind those tall walls for the first time in my life
Note: This post is for educational purpose and a part of our entrepreneurship training where we aim to teach you how to think outside the box and explore the world with open eyes. We have seen enough of good human beings but...
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WodArt offers complete Furniture solutions including Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes Furniture, Crockery Units, T.V. Show Cases, accessories, appliances etc in Guntur ,Vijayawada and Amaravati. From retail expertise, WodArt Modular Furniture Designers delivers high quality outcomes, on-time and on-budget.
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Good news for +blogger users!
Blogger blogs have a sitemap.xml file which contains link-list of all "Posts" published by a user. But what it lacked was the list of "Static pages" which this sitemap file did not include. Just recently I observed that blogg...
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It is just too unfortunate for Pakistan that it lost its angel sent who helped the suffering people all over the country with his humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi left all of us crying this month. If yo…
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Vertical slider for #blogger  
Last week we shared how to create a dynamic FlexSlider to display recent posts in blogger with horizontal animation. Today we will learn how to create a vertical slider to animate the list of recent posts in vertical directio...
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+Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Please, reply.
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In 2005 Google Introduced Matched content to help publishers promote their website content to their visitors. AdSense Matched content is actually a content recommendation tool that shows related posts to your readers. It gene...
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Blogger Carousel (BC) helps you to create dynamic slideshows to showcase your blog posts by a specific category/label. You can use carousels in blogspot to automatically display a list of latest posts inside an animated cycle...
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Assalamu alaikum
Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

do u have any anti adblock script for blogger ?

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Highlights of our seminar: "I chose Plan B and Became an #Entrepreneur. "

Find who was that unexpected visitor, what was the frech fries seller secret of huge sales, which gift was the precious of all and watch the video on "Mud Volcanoes"
On 13th August, STCnetwork was invited for a motivational session at Eureka Institute which is a renown institute that offers certificates in English Learning and IT programs. I was invited by Abrar Khan who is the operations...
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Blogger dashboard settings allow users to change the description of the blog twice once under the "Basic" option and next under "Search Preferences > Meta Tags" option. Blogspot users often find it confusing to understand the...
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Blogger random posts widget shows a random list of your blog posts with thumbnails, title, comments count, date, label tag and author avatar. It is really important to send traffic to your old posts and keep highlighting them...
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#blogger   #sitemap  Bugs
Around Feb, 2015 we announced that blogger creates a dynamic sitemap.xml file for all blogspot blogs and you don't need to submit your RSS or Atom Feed links to Google Search Console anymore. Later we discovered that this si...
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+Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai 

Also, since my blog has lots of categories and I didn't want to merge GIF Jokes (posted using blogger posts) with other categories like Trolls, Funny GIFs, etc (posted using static pages) so I use static pages a lot. And I chose to complicate things like this because I didn't know of any way I could keep each category's posts separate.
Blogger's pager shows Next and Previous option on blogger posts but it only shows Home option on static pages. If I had posted my content in blogger posts then things would have gotten complicated as when someone would have clicked on Next and Previous they would have landed in a different category's post.
I figured that adding arrow images and link them to the next and previous post of that particular category would be of great help. I didn't know of anyway I could add next and previous buttons the great websites have, and this was my only option. But SEO doesn't count it as clear navigation and therefore, I need to add Next and Previous Post Titles in Blogger with jQuery Navigation.
I hope to hear back from you soon. Waiting desperately.
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Transforming Students into Entrepreneurs
Mohammad is a young Entrepreneur running a number of sites from his living room. He is an experienced SEO Consultant, Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He runs STC Network which offers Web Services and Online Business Solutions to clients around the globe.
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