Just finished reading this today. Started two weeks ago. It took me awhile but I could've finished it in two days but I wasn't reading constantly and got busy with other stuff.

Loved the book. The book have amazing ideas of how successful people are made and the all the accumulative effect of culture, growing up, advantages, luck, hard work, unfair rules set by society. And how all of these come together to make someone as successful as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Joy and many others. 

Bullet point is, no one succeeds by his own individual work. 

I personally connected with the book when he started talking about how the environment you grew up in and whether you grew up in a wealthy family or a poor family can affect your life and give you advantage or a disadvantage from others peers. 

How did I pick outliers?
Long story short. I remember in 2009 an Egyptian Arabic Googler, Ahmad Gawdat talked about Outliers and mentioned the 10,000 hours rule. Ever since it got stuck in my head and wanted to read it ever since. Being the not-so-much reader I am it took me 3 years to finally stumble upon the book in +Google Play buy it and read it on my +Nexus 7 + Galaxy Nexus. (I love how the book syncs between the devices and I can pick up where I left off last time).

Reading on both of these (Even the Galaxy Nexus) was absolutely great. I don't think I'll like reading from a printed book as much. 

My next book I have in mind is gonna be probably The Lean Startup. I usually read the sample from Play before I buy the book. So let's see.

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