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Most of the small business owners and startups I encountered in the last 3 months are very confused about SEO in 2014. After seeing so many posts with the title "2014 SEO" back in July and August of 2013, I knew that I had to post SEO tips only after the new year has already started. In this post the tips are not outdated and very relevant to our time. Looking to hear your comments and thoughts, Happy New Year (:
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Mohammad Irshaid

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#مشرفي  المواقع العربية ! 
اليوم لدينا تحديث جديد يخص : 
تحسين عمليات إزالة عناوين URL على مواقع الويب من جهات خارجية!
يتغير المحتوى على الإنترنت أو يختفي، وأحيانًا يكون ذلك مفيدًا لتحديث نتائج البحث بسرعة. اليوم أطلقنا أداة مطورة لإزالة عناوين URL العامة لتسهيل طلب التحديثات استنادًا إلى التغييرات في مواقع الويب للأشخاص الآخرين. ويمكنك العثور عليها على 

هذه الأداة مفيدة لعمليات الإزالة في مواقع الويب لأشخاص آخرين. ويمكنك استخدام هذه الأداة في حالة إزالة صفحة نهائيًا، أو في حالة تغييرها فقط ورغبتك في إزالة المقتطف والصفحة المخزنة مؤقتًا. فإذا كنت مشرف الموقع، فسيكون إذًا استخدام ميزة إزالة عناوين URL في أدوات مشرفي المواقع أكثر سرعة وسهولة.
أقرا المقال التفصيلي الكامل على منتدى مشرفي المواقع الآن !
هنا : 
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+Manal Alomary must read
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The Thing that Embarasses Me Most About Moz

We have a core value of transparency at Moz. But, these days, one of the things that frustrates me most is how we're hiding so much of the product we've built. Based on our usage data, less than 10% of any Moz subscriber has ever seen these features even once!

Here's a list of what's in the Moz subscription:

1) Moz Analytics campaigns (
2) Open Site Explorer (
3) Fresh Web Explorer (
4) FollowerWonk (
5) The Mozbar (
6) Keyword Difficulty (
7) Rank Tracker (
8) Crawl Test (
9) On-Page Grader (
10) Link Acquisition Assistant (
11) Competitive Link Finder (
12) Moz Academy (
13) Perks, Discounts & Deals (
14) Q+A (

Below is a concept for extending the sidebar navigation in Moz Analytics across every feature/product/tool we have to help solve it. The idea is that you could visit Open Site Explorer, or FollowerWonk, or the Competitive Link Finder, or Moz Academy, and see the sidebar navigation on the left (similar to how Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools does it).

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Mohammad Irshaid

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If you want to truly go off grid, and protect yourself from NSA, you NEED our new Blackout Pocket. Put your phone in this pocket, and NO ONE can trace you, even the NSA.
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Mohammad Irshaid

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How you can utilize social media to help build an audience and increase traffic to your website, while earning revenue by monetizing through AdSense. 
Looking to grow online engagement with your users?

Social media is a great way for you to build an audience and increase traffic to your website, which can ultimately help you earn more revenue. On December 12th, watch a Learn with Google Hangout On Air and learn how successful AdSense publishers and Wildfire users are using social media.

In the Hangout On Air, you’ll learn how to:
- Attract and grow an audience through social media 
- Increase your revenue by monetizing with AdSense

You’ll also hear directly from successful Wildfire users and AdSense publishers who use social media to build their audience and increase traffic to their websites. 

We’ll add the live stream link to this event page when the Hangout On Air begins at 11:00am PST on Thursday, December 12th.**

**If you can't watch the Hangout On Air live, not to worry! A recording will be available on this event page shortly after the live broadcast.

Hope to see you there!

After the broadcast:
Let us know how we did. Share your feedback with us by filling out this short survey:
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See if you can beat my time of: 33:04 #DrWhoDoodle
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  • First Bazaar
    Digital Marketing Consultant, 2013 - present
    I work in e-commerce platform First Bazaar as a a consultant for their digital marketing activities, such as building their online presence strategy, email marketing strategy, and conducting web and social media analysis.
  • MI Studio
    Founder & CEO, 2011 - present
    A creative digital agency. Our ninja-like skills include web design & development, mobile apps, graphic design, online marketing and eCommerce. We’re a young, energetic and determined team driven by results who love to help new businesses succeed. Bursting with enthusiasm, we can’t wait to work with you!
  • Startappz
    Digital Marketing Manager, 2013 - present
    I worked as the head of digital marketing in a department of 5 employees, my tasks included setting up the marketing budget, testing and deploying new digital campaigns and channels to drive quality traffic to Startappz products and clients, as well as creating digital marketing strategies, proposals, and online brand presence for Startappz.
  • REACH2.0
    Lead Web Developer& SEO/SEM Specialist, 2012 - 2013
    My work entitled Project management, server and network administration, creating and implementing pay per click (PPC) advertising strategies, on-page & off-page search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, web and social analysis.
  • REACH2.0
    Web Developer & SEO/SEM Specialist, 2011 - 2012
    My work entitled server and network administration, working on design and developing responsive websites, blogs, landing pages, and galleries. Designing and developing social media applications, Building the cloud-based productivity suite that helped the team to get work done from anywhere, on-page & off-page search engine optimization (SEO), web and social media analysis.
  • D1G
    SEO Specialist, 2009 - 2010
    Keyword research, content management, internal and external link building.
Contributor to
Founder of MI Studio & The Next Studio, Digital Marketing Manager at Startappz, Blogger, Social Activist, Sport Enthusiast, Interested in Religion, Culture, Travel, and Photography.
I have spent the majority of my childhood tangled in wires and electric circuits trying to innovate something in the world of electronics. In 1998, when the world of internet took over my life, I set up my first website. During the years that followed, I participated in many online projects that later on were very well known.

In 2007, I got enrolled in university, and studied Management Information Systems (MIS), I chose this major because it mixed between technology ,management and marketing. my essential goal was to gain as much experience as possible in several areas of Technology.

In 2011, I graduated and started a company named ‘MI Studio’ which offered services in web development/design, and digital marketing, during the same time I was also working at Reach2.0, a social media company, where I was a lead developer and SEO/SEM specialist.

In the beginning of 2013, I was offered a management position at Startappz, where mobile applications were created for smart phones. My job is to create marketing strategies and implement it to increase the number of downloads for these apps.

I would like to conclude in saying that my biggest interest remains in technology and how its used to solve human problems. I am also interested in social entrepreneurship, religion, culture, travel and photography.

Area of Expertise:
Keyword Research, Market Research, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media (Management & Marketing), Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Public Relations, Web/Social & Mobile Analysis, Project Management, Team Management, User Experience (UX), eCommerce, Web/ Mobile Development and Design.

Specialties: Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Social Activities.
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