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Mohammad Eshbeata
ERP Technical Lead - Front-End Engineer - g33k - Hangout Canopy
ERP Technical Lead - Front-End Engineer - g33k - Hangout Canopy


Missing the canopy old days +Robert Pitt +Moritz Tolxdorff +Brian Aldridge

Hello There :)

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Sunrise from the sea #dubai #ruwais #uae #sunrise #sky #clouds

Hello Googlers ! 

Anyone know how to feature your app on  Google Play or Apple Itunes ?

#googleplaystore   #apple   #andoird   #Itunes   #ios  

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Android Mockup & Concept Tool - Update - Version 3.1

Version 3.1 is here bringing a lot of new things. + a suggest form. You can now suggest what I should include in the next version from google apps & android os elements.


changelog - march 28, 2014

• Fixed alignment stuff
• Renamed some stuff
• Organized & Color coordinated Stuff to be more visible

• Notification Drawer Style [Right side]
• Holo Light & Holo Dark Overflow Menu
• Actionbar Spinner
• Actionbar Transparent
• Actionbar Contextual Holo Style
• Actionbar Pull To Refresh
• Actionbar Chrome Style
• Actionbar Bottom
• Actionbar Youtube Style
• Compose Bar
• Holo Light & Holo Dark Alert Popup
• About App Popup
• Picker Popup
         • Custom Header
         • Holo
• Holo Colors

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cool tool 
Spring-cleaning Unused CSS With Grunt, Gulp Or Broccoli

من كل عشرة في العالم العربي
هناك واحد يعمل بإخلاص
واثنان يشكرونه على عمله
وثلاثة يشككون في نواياه
وأربعة يرددون له يوميا: لن تنجح

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