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Mohammad Al-Mumen
Photographer - مصور فوتوغرافي
Photographer - مصور فوتوغرافي

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Empty Hollow, Death Valley National Park, CA
#landscapephotography , #photographyworkflow

Here is an image taken during one of our workshops in Death Valley...This was perhaps the BEST sunrise in terms of colors I have seen at the Mesquite Dunes area...but little did we know then that the sunset that evening would be just as stunning. :))

How was this Photography created?
This is a manually blended image using out iHDR wokflow...and using a 0.9 hard stop GND filter. Why? Because the dynamic range of the light was far too great to capture the details in the sand with the GND filter alone. I was trying to demonstrate to couple of students how to determine when bracketing is needed by looking at the histogram on your camera.

Do you use Histograms on back of your camera to adjust your exposure or determine if bracketing is needed?

Enjoy & Share.

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Flower Pots and Milky Ways Take II

As the family sleeps I'm out wandering the wilds looking for things to photograph. It really is a special time when one can explore the terrestrial landscape and astronomy in unison.

There is a calming quiet over the land with the odd scurrying of night creatures and the gentle lapping of water on the shoreline. Laying on my back looking into the dark sky "shooting stars" become very visible. I did catch one in another shot I will save for later. Until then, please enjoy the view I experienced that night/morning at 4am.

If you enjoy this image please share

How was this image created

For this scene I chose the largest of the flower pots as foreground for the milky way. Aside from bumping the ISO to 1600, shooting at ultra wide angle and using a large aperture, I used a reflected light technique from my flashlight to avoid harsh light giving the scene a more natural even light. Without this the flower pot would become a silhouette. I have been using flash for this as well with good result for many years but in this situation there is too much foreground to illuminate.

Camera: NIKON D4
Lens: Nikkor 14-24 2.8
Exposure: 30 sec
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 14 mm
ISO Speed: 1600
Filter: Naked lens


+Jay Patel Thank you Jay for your words. I am very proud to hear this from a great photographer like you!

You've always been one of the my fav landscape photographers ...

Thanks again....

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Gaiberg Forest, Winter Dress
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