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Exciting News: New +My Hangouts features just released!

1. Circle watch list, never miss a hangout with people in your circles!
2. Hangouts around the world, different map view to find hangouts
3. More hangouts, a new way and safe way to discover hangouts
4. Important hangouts appear first, appears in order by who's important to YOU!
5. No external servers, it is using Google services only

Download now from the gallery:
Force the update if you have it already:

This work wouldn't have been possible without +John Barrington Craggs, we worked really tirelessly for exactly three full weeks, every single day. A total of 165 commits (changes, bug fixes, feature requests) went through this release. We are working with +Rayan Bouajram and +James Williams to implement some very cool features coming soon to version 5.0! Thanks to +Martin Matysiak that helped with some Google Maps and Canvas features. Thanks to +Kim Beasley for helping us test this product for many weeks!

I have attached some screenshots of how version 4 of +My Hangouts looks like, and we hope everyone enjoys the hard work we put into this!

Please show your support, and share to your friends who would love to use Hangouts, this will definitely change the way you experience hangouts!

Thanks to +Bobbi Jo Woods +Hermine Ngnomire +George Rodenbaugh +Dave Veffer +Cam Meadows for helping with the content and beta testing!
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Great Mohammed- just the kind of thing I was looking from from you.
Dee M
just curious but how does G+ determine who's more important. Do we have a way to prioritize circles?
Fantastic job! love the prioritization.
+Mohamed Mansour it would be cool if in the next release you could weave in the ability to schedule a future hangout and invite folks to join RSVP (w/ integration to Gmail calendars).
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Exciting my ass

Google+ sucks nuts! they have to change their work philosophy

many things here doesn't make any sense!
take your heads out of your asses and think...
create something new! our this "social network" will sink like other projects for exemple google buzz, google wave, etc...

shame on you google. you guys will close google labs project... It's the best thing in the whole google corporation :(
Thanks everyone, hope you all like it! a lot of work went into this release!
I really love your innovations +Mohamed Mansour but this is the second time I've tried My Hangouts and compared it with Hangout Canopy and seen that Hangout Canopy for some reasons is capable of finding more of the hangouts actually happening. At this very moment I'm looking at my extensions and Hangout Canopy shows 16 while My Hangouts shows 6. Why is this possible?
+Mohamed Mansour, I think I have found a bug in the Captured Moments gallery... when I click on the green download arrow for an image to save, it opens the same image in two tabs. I've just been closing one and saving from the other. Just wanted to report that to you.
+Jerome Hanson, because the way +My Hangouts is designed with no external server, you need to wait for a bit and it will catch up. The search API takes couple of minutes, so originally, you will get 6-10 hangouts, then it will reach beyond that. Currently, I am seeing 24 hangouts. Try it out, and let me and +John Barrington Craggs know if you have any questions :)
i have one question, can we share a video or a picture to a single person not to the entire circle
+Mohamed Mansour I do actually see the delay you are referring to. I've let both of them run and there are points where they are equal and points when they are not. So thank you for the reply and explanation. Now that I know all I have to do is have a little patience, I'm pretty sure the extra additions to +My Hangouts is gonna be of much more value. Awesome.
Who is she; placing her profile URL in each comment:
not sure who she i tried that url it took me 2 a circle called "entertainment"
Anyone know when the absolute no b.s. date is that google+ will push the new navigation bar to EVERYONE? I still don't have it, and I don't wanna use one of the cookie tricks I've seen posted all over the internet.
+Jerome Hanson, unfortunately the only way to do that is via cookies. Regarding your previous question, just use the one you think you like, cause having many extensions is not necessarily a good thing since each extension you add introduces bloat to the browser. The main difference between this and the others is that, a) it does not communicate to an external server, b) more light weight features such as moment captures, circle notifications, circle integration, smart hangout ranking and maps for hangouts around the world. More features coming during our next sprint :)
One big problem is im not able to view my post on my frnds wall , say in facebook once u share a video r a picture , u can go to u frnds wall & make sure the video r pic is posted
one of the biggest problem in FB is that my frnds r getting violent , pornographic videos on their wall , tried to block it but no use, i hope we wont be having such issues in G+
Dee M
+Mohamed Mansour sorry for the super late response. Thanks for the info on circle prioritization. Can't wait to see it implemented.
Great update. When I start a hangout now Iget an App button but it does not have anything in it other than a white space. Is this due to your extension or is a Google update? I do not have a developer account or anything like that.
I am loving this extension (my first one on Chrome) an especially the map feature.
Just curious +Mohamed Mansour, how frequently does the extension check for hangouts to update the number? Is there a way to see how much cpu/memory does individual extension use (on a mac)?
+James Lawson-Smith can you please take a screenshot and send that to me so I can see how it looks like.

+Dee M yea, I really think circle prioritization is really great, +John Barrington Craggs and I were discussing that when we implemented the ranking (relevancy), that will bring interesting results :)
+Kempton Lam it basically acts the similar way how your Google+ stream works but just for Hangouts. It does a hard search with many pages every 30 seconds, and real-time bursts every 2 seconds. It does not scrape data, it uses the RESTful API that Google+ uses. You can find how much CPU/Memory in Chrome's the task manager. You can see the source code for this in GitHub.
Hi, could someone have a look at the graphical issues associated with a person using a page zoom of higher than 100%, its not a big deal but rather annoying at times to look at, i can screenshot if need be, but change your zoom in the options menu in chrome to 120 and see the extension. Thanks, great extension btw.
+Greg Lindor - I just zoomed up my page on Chrome to @120% and didn't see any issue... care to put up a screenshot somewhere, like at
Sure once I get home I'll get a shot, but what it was is a small sign of some options on the right side of the hangouts numbers, I left home so it'll be up later.
Works wonderful and I really enjoyed my first hangouts - thank you for your great work!
Yea +Mohamed Mansour to the right of that there seems to be a glitches view of what seems to be a combination o google maps and an option to choose circles, it's weird so it's best shown in a picture. Maybe an isolated incident, or even unrelated to this extension itself but it shows up only when my zoom is above 100%
+Mohamed Mansour that's exactly it! Although the whole map doesn't show like in that screen but that's pretty much what I see, I'm on windows 7 64bit.
How in the world did I miss this post!?! Just updated it. Love the new features. Awesome job, +Mohamed Mansour!
Thanks +Daria Musk, I wanted to work with you to do something special for the Hangout Around the World in New Years thing ! Would be nice to integrate some sort of thing.
Been using this now for a few days, its awesome!
Now the little blue box taints me all day long however and it can be so hard to resist
+Mohamed Mansour This extension is really nice! Thanks this excellent extension. It really helps connecting more efficiently. Thanks again to the whole +My Hangouts team.
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