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Excited to release version 3 of Extended Share for Google+!
An update to my Chrome Extension!

Extended Share allows you share your Google+ posts to 20 other networks, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter very easily with a single click. It will auto discover the content, and link, and format it for those networks.

If you already have it, force the update:
Download from the gallery:
Source code on GitHub:

So what is new in this version?

- Fixes foreign Google+ languages, so if you have Google+ in French, German, or any other language, it will work.

- Auto discovers a link within the post, and uses that as the URL to share if the network supports that. If you already have this extension installed, make sure you enable that feature in the options window. For example, if you have spotted a reshare with youtube link and you want to tweet it, instead of tweeting the Google+ URL it will instead include the youtube link along with your post text. This is customizable within options window.

- New share options to email the post. Quick way to email the post to a group of friends or yourself.

- Added an option to allow you to share limited posts. Remember the implications of doing so!

- Many bug fixes such as title not showing up and faster options page.

I hope you enjoy this release, if you like it, don't forget to rate it in the Chrome Web Store :)
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Thanks +Mohamed Mansour both the links are pointing to extension download. May be you want to update the second link point to the chrome web store.
This is great... is there one that works the other way around? From Twitter to Plus?
I've been looking for something like this, thanks! I will give it a rating once I have tried it for a bit but it looks pretty good so far...
I am having a issue with downloading the extention needed. Can anyone help?
Thanks for the update. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
Sweet! Gonna try this out, cheers
it tells "you cannot share this post because is not public" even on public posts
Then don't set it. Some people using it for their careers might want to auto share across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ but most won't.
Thanks now if I could only do that from my phone
Yeah, this is old. I've had this extended share add on for months. 
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I always get information that "You cannot share this post because it is not public"
This is an awesome idea! Thank-you for pioneering this!
Does it only work for people that you are following?
Cant seem to get it to work. Installed ok, but the little button wont do anything.
Excellent! Incredible work, as usual... :)
Is there something this good for firefox?
well i dont know im kinda new at this so this is the closest think i will get to a facebook account
Facebook iz tha' easiest thinq 2 use in tha' internet(:
Really cool... but no one in my stream has public post. Can not share
Can we try and solve this public/limited over a hangout +Gaston Pozzo ? I am sure it is something to do with non english users :( In the meantime you can enable "limited" posts in the options screen and it should work.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
there was a post about 145inch tv earlier this evening, it was plasma.
All good and well, too much for me though, still figuring and loving +.
Oh thank the gods I found this! My life is now complete. :)
nice nice, happy to have this extension working again!
I can't use it in sweden... I always get "You cannot share this post because it is not public." is it a translation problem?
Do you know where I can find a "widget" that can show a feed of my posts in Google+ on my website? :)*
I hate this kind of thing. Why do you want to turn all of them into the same? It's so boring and weird to find Tweets in Facebook, for example. Each social net is supposed to have its specificity. I don't want to find Facebook pictures on Pinterest.
+Tamir Emran I had the same problem, the little share on button did absolutely nothing - I discovered it was conflicting with my G+ Tweaks plugin, which is kind of broken now anyways, although some it's features will still working. Disable G+ Tweaks and it will work. +Mohamed Mansour FYI, the share-on button conflicts with G+ Tweaks...not sure if you care tho
Very nice. It's 1 extra step to click that button, but light years ahead of copy and paste. Kudos Mohamed, very nice work. You're going to spoil us with these cool additions.
not working for me as well ;-(
Would love to use it!
I have no G+ Tweaks Plugin, I have disabled the limited resharing.... running out of ideas.
Any help would be highly appreciated!
Greetings from Germany +Mohamed Mansour!
+Mohamed Mansour , where are u buddy? It has been more than a week since ur last post in g+. It seems ur busy completing that facebook hangout project.
+Mohamed Mansour And congratulations for ur new job at Microsoft(and congratulations to Microsoft too;) ) and wishing you a bright career ahead. Though you had not posted about it(in public) ur about section says that u now work for Microsoft.

P.S: Oh and just noticed that u even got shifted from canada to Silicon Valley, U.S. Great going buddy. I guess u wud b busy in past days in shifting ur base and as a result no new posts/updates here.
guy yak
+Mohamed Mansour | always admire your early work at g+ | broke my heart that you felt dissed by google enough to hop over to ms | but you got to do you | among operatic divas and impresarios | the diva always get the final note on how things will play out | and never is not a very long time among artists | love that you still contribute here |
Can't share. It's public but a Notice says is not. 1 star.
checking the following worked for me: Customizable Options > Share Limited Posts? > If checked, you can share limited posts. Remember, if the post has a URL, the share service cannot read it since it is private.
Where is your extension? It's no longer available. What happened?
Apparently it is not in the Google Chrome Web Store anymore... too bad
Is this going to come back? I really want it!
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