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Just released Extended Share for Google+ 4.0, and it is back!
Just got accepted back into the Web Store Gallery

With this update, it adds support for +Dalton Caldwell's, so it now has 21 networks that you can share to instead of just Google+. Including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Other small bug fixes were deployed as well and it supports the new extension security guidelines (manifest 2)

Download from the gallery:
Source code on GitHub:

This Chrome extension was the first extension made for Google+, it had grew to 120K users, but then it was pulled out :( Even though it now has 120 users, I brought it back to life on my train ride back home :) 
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Amazing and very helpful, thanks a mill!
+Shawn Fritz maybe I should add support it is a feature request, but unfortunately I got no time, I am having too much fun in hackathons!
Love it, just one simple bug, "Share on..." button shows the "Share this post" curved arrow.
وأخيرا ---- وبعد طول انتظار ---- شكرا محمد
Mohamed, can't you return all previous users using update feature in extenssion?
+Mostafa Shahverdy unfortunately no. It is all good, I am not making money off this thing, it is just a side hobby. Loss of 120K is a lot though :/
So I updated this to version 4.0.2 I fixed a few bugs, I think my next step is to do url shortener support. Then implement some automation.
Finally I've been wondering where it went
Good news. Have really found this extension useful. Thanks!
It is up to a total of 244 users, yay, 119800 more users to recover :)
Lol. Well i just got on chrome and installed it a few min ago.
+Mohamed Mansour I Shared to Public yesterday, after reinstallation, so that should help spread the word.
`.¸.´ Happy
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨Monday!
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Great extension - thanks. I'll look forward to the URL shortener - particular for Twitter sharing.
Yes I have noticed that this extension no longer works here +Mohamed Mansour - is there an update or is it gone for good? Please let us know so we can either update or delete it from extensions! Thanks & look forward to hearing from you! I really do hope there is an update?!
I am Italian,
I installed the new version of extended share for google + but does not work with the new version of Google+.
It does not appear the arrow for additional shares.
You have already reported?
Can you help me solve, use a lot of your application.
Hey +Mohamed Mansour do you have notifications turned off or have you no answers to our questions? Please post if this extension will ever be again or not? We are all awaiting your answer - so PLEASE let us know! Thanks
doesn't work for me.  Too bad.  I am having issues with twitterfeed and trying to find an alternative.
Yeah, I love this extension. I hope someday it returns.
Add me to the list of people wanting this back again. It was great!
Broken arrow on this one. I had it, now it's been removed! Funny business ideas..
Would really love to see this great & valuable extension updated, and submit it to the Web Store again!  It saved so much time!  Can you at least tell us if there is a possibility of it returning?
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