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Repost because my original post got deleted, sorry for the spam. The previous reshares our now phantomed, they are lost in cyberspace :) It was originally posted at 12:30 AM EST Sept 16th.

Hi everyone, so here is my Google+ API Mash-up called Stream+ for Google+

It uses your public stream data (that is the only thing the API gives us) and classifies them (automatically categorizes) into topics that you can visually to understand your stream! It is like taking a look at your historical data on your stream in an organized manner. It is like a solution to information overload with streams. Any investors willing to help us out :)

Note: You might get a server error because Google+ API limits requests.
Note: I just made it work on English content streams only, different languages will come soon
Stream+ for Google+. The following experiment is just a proof of concept of how to use the Google+ API. Built over the hangout, developed by +Mohamed Mansour. Once you log in, it will fetch all your p...
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EDIT: Woops, I should have just waited :P Thanks!
+Chris Doiron thanks, double fail today, first I accidently deleted my post and now forgot to paste the link. Perhaps the lack of sleep :) I updated it! thanks!
you can host your apps on goole app engine freely ? or you have paid account?
It shows that all I do is share JR Raphael's posts. I'm so lame.
Connecting now, looks pretty cool. Would know if the G+ API could be used for comments on a Wordpress blog?
Hey, this is really nice work! So far, not doing so bad on post topics. Keeping it real :D
pretty cool, interesting how you can grab my profile
Do you see iOS developers using this API right now? Is it not enough to work with? I do not program iOS .... just waiting for something a little more functional to come along for iPad. Thanks for any thoughts/feedback along these lines.
This may all be good; however for me, the installation just hangs ad infinitum...I signed out, removed all windows, made sure my browsing data was cleared to begin of time, shut Chrome...started chrome, there WAS an update...did that, logged into google + and then implemented your app....after answering to "Allow", it has just sat there for about 12 hours now (overnite), saying Accessing Google + API, Please wait....even at that, something seems amiss if it has not "made contact" in a 12 hour time I cannot currently use it.
Very cool. Stream+ is a +1. The usability would be increased if each posts' time stamp was added to the right os each posts' title.
Worked! In my Android.
Stream+ (and other API based apps) run in the user's browser context right? Why then was I prompted for permissions to access my google account - I'm already logged in? (a bit of a rhetorical question to phish for security details)
Hi everyone, I have released a new update. This update improves the rankings and categories are discovered way better. +Philippe Beaudoin remember I told you this at I/O :) This is what I wanted to do, and all it took was 6 hours yesterday
Hey that's great. Please continue your great work.
The reason for the Error is because Google+ API has been exceeded, it should have worked again since the day rolled
Brian H
How does the classification engine work? OK, granted I haven't posted a lot, but stream+ only comes up with 1 topic ("study"). All other posts come up as "other topics". If stream+ requires multiple posts on an identified topic before classifying, I'll understand; but some of my posts have been specific and detailed, so that I think a person could easily suggest an appropriate topic based on just that post.
Brian H
I haven't posted a lot of public posts, I mean - and that's because the idea of G+ circles almost discourages the idea of public posts. If you have friends with different interests, almost no topic is going to be of interest to all of them. Having written that, though, I am suddenly wondering whether I have been misusing extended circles when I should have been using Public. For Joe User, who doesn't have a lot of unilateral connections on G+, and has no personal brand, Public is worse than extended circles if other people's comments inherit that level of privacy because other people might not wish their comments to be public; or if they restrict their comments so that they are not public, it will lead to a disjointed public archive of the thread. Neither is good because what G+ is excellent at is delivering more detailed discussions and conversations from people that you may not have known (or even know exist) who have something valuable to say. Actually not only that, if people have added you because they share a very specific interest known to both of you and they receive not only the specific posts you intend for them but also ALL your public posts which are NOT about your shared interest, your signal to noise ratio for that person drops badly and they may want to de-circle you (did I just coin a new expression?).

Phew this post turned out much longer than I had intended on a smartphone! (although Ultra keyboard for Android does rock…). All of which cannot be addressed without the API allowing providing circle-level authorization by the user, although perhaps it can be worked around by having a public user and a private user account; add your public user to a circle called 'public'.… hmmm, I think I'm going to have to think about this a bit harder and run some experiments!
+Brian H for Stream+ classification to work, you must have at least 20 posts publicly. The number of posts it can handle depends on the amount of memory the machine has (I assume AppEngine has lots of them). So I placed a limit on 10000 items, but that wont be an issue since the API only supports 250 items. The topics are using Machine Learning phrase extraction techniques, so it most likely make sense if the content is not structured correctly.
+Mohamed Mansour thanks again For yet another great post! and the Stream+ too of course.. and remember to stop and take a deep breath every so often!
I get "Error accessing Google+ API!" already. Do I need to enable 3rd-party cookies for this?
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