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Thought I would share this to y'all, a simple way to remove contacts on LinkedIn

I don't know who uses LinkedIn here, but if you do, removing contacts is such a pain. You have to go through a hidden screen and try and search for the contact so you can remove. I submitted a ticket to LinkedIn, but they had no plans in implementing it. So I made a user script which makes that process easier for myself, by simply placing a link, "Remove Connection" on each of your connections profile. So I thought I would share it to anyone who is interested.

Source Code:
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I never thought of removing people but to be honest yes there are some recruiters that ended up there in an irrelevant way. You´re such a good automation engineer Mohamed.
Never actually removed anyone. Had no idea it was a difficult task.
+Gunnar Forsgren same here, I had recruiters there that kept on spamming with status updates. When I was in university, I thought it was a good idea adding people to LinkedIn, but I was wrong. The way I was removing them prior to this content script, was copying their name on notepad, and then I needed to go to that screen and remove it. Instead of 4 clicks + remembering, you now can just click once without remembering that name!
+Mohamed Mansour There is another way to do it, just browse the list of contacts and if you want to remove anyone then hit the remove contact button in the upper right of the screen.
Thanks +Mohamed Mansour . I had to research how to remove a LinkedIn contact. They don't make it easy. LinkedIn looks like a version if Facebook for professionals. Full of adverts, spam and nagging reminders. Hopefully Google+ will replace it entirely.
+Gunnar Forsgren, yea, my reasons of doing this because:

1) If you have two connections that have the same name, you would have no idea who you will be removing.
2) You have to know the person before hand before removing him. So it is an extra few clicks from discovering you have that HR (on your profile), visit that page, search for their name and then remove them.
3) I was bored last night :)
+Mohamed Mansour you have so many good karma brownie points, you could fly three times around the moon ;-)
Thanks for all the applied good sense and design intelligence!
I 2nd that, many take for granted there´s nothing they can do about a UI. Mohamed show by example how an individual user can share improvements, a largely unknown art to many.
Thanks +Mohamed Mansour. I learn something new everyday. You must've breezed through our Stanford ML class; I struggled. 
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