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HTML5 timeline tool for visualizing all 13.7 billion years!

University of California Berkeley with a collaboration with Microsoft Research, developed this stunning HTML5 Timeline tool that can show you almost everything humans currently know. It is a visually nice interactive website. They call it ChronoZoom!

ChronoZoom can zoom from a single day out to all of the Cosmos, passing Earth, Life, and Human Prehistory along the way.

Best of all,the source code is completely open source! Sweet :) It will definitely revolutionize teaching!

Live Demo:
Source Code:
Working with eight UC Berkeley students and with resources from Microsoft Research Connections, geologist Walter Alvarez has created a new piece of Web-based software that allows students, researchers...
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Sweet! Wish I had that back in college while conducting research!
I spent around an hour with that tool, I learned a lot :) Try going to the homosapien timeline and digg deeper :)
Wow this is incredible!!!! Can't wait to see what directions this takes off! Going back to it now to try the homosapien timeline...
Simply amazing! One can get joyfully lost in this for may days at a time. Can really see this as a great educational tool!
Love the technology and new UIs as always but too bad its not as pretty as it could have been :)
Interesting. Have to say it's quite sluggish in Chrome though, and supersmooth in IE9
How far have you went :) Would have been really cool if it incorporated news in real time and it would show us a nice animation to that discovery.
Found this post in Google search with the Google+ social integration.
Interesting. Too bad these dates are not legitimate.
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