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HTML5 timeline tool for visualizing all 13.7 billion years!

University of California Berkeley with a collaboration with Microsoft Research, developed this stunning HTML5 Timeline tool that can show you almost everything humans currently know. It is a visually nice interactive website. They call it ChronoZoom!

ChronoZoom can zoom from a single day out to all of the Cosmos, passing Earth, Life, and Human Prehistory along the way.

Best of all,the source code is completely open source! Sweet :) It will definitely revolutionize teaching!

Live Demo:
Source Code:
Working with eight UC Berkeley students and with resources from Microsoft Research Connections, geologist Walter Alvarez has created a new piece of Web-based software that allows students, researchers...
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Sweet! Wish I had that back in college while conducting research!
I spent around an hour with that tool, I learned a lot :) Try going to the homosapien timeline and digg deeper :)
Wow this is incredible!!!! Can't wait to see what directions this takes off! Going back to it now to try the homosapien timeline...
Wow great!! I spent a lots of hours...
THanks to share it!
Simply amazing! One can get joyfully lost in this for may days at a time. Can really see this as a great educational tool!
Love the technology and new UIs as always but too bad its not as pretty as it could have been :)
Interesting. Have to say it's quite sluggish in Chrome though, and supersmooth in IE9
How far have you went :) Would have been really cool if it incorporated news in real time and it would show us a nice animation to that discovery.
Found this post in Google search with the Google+ social integration.
Interesting. Too bad these dates are not legitimate.
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