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All Android developers should take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 will be released to the masses in a few weeks time, and RIM will give a PlayBook if you just convert your Android App to BlackBerry :)

Whoever is interested doing this together over an OnAir Google+ Hangout session, please let me know, perhaps me and a few others could help out :) Share this to your Android friends to see if I can get any one who is interested!

Just follow these simple steps,

If you have an existing Android app, you don't even have to do any programming at all! You just repackage the APK to a BAR and your done! It is extremely that easy. If you do these few simple steps, you get a free awesome PlayBook, the best communications device out there!
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Nice to see Playbooks finally moving off the shelf somewhere. I'd personally like to see someone put Android nativly onto the PB with no emulation trickery like the guys who did it to the iPhone did. I might actually buy a Playbook if it could be done.
Now I just need an app to publish...
is it true that the only way to use email on it is via a bb mobile phone?
Whoever did this, let me know as well, I would love to see it :) +Paul Henning PlayBooks run Android apps, it is definitely NOT an emulation, it is a Runtime, baked into the core. It is the same result you get when you have an Android Device. People get mistaken by that :)
+Haig Sakouyan for version 1.0 for PlayBook that was true, for 2.0 coming out really soon (this month) has Native Email/Calendar/Remote Control/Unified Inbox, etc take a look at this video
wow just may do this, Im launching an android app 2moro!
+Edmund Rojas doo it :) Share this to your buddies to do it as well! Huge market opportunity if you do it, you don't loose either way. You develop in one platform (Android) and you deploy it to many devices (Android and PlayBook) with no extra code for you, just repackaging :)
I had read some time ago that they were thinking of running android apps, will this be on the smartphones as well or just the playbooks?
This is interesting and I'm an Android app publisher. The standard Android development platform is Eclipse running on Ubuntu - it is a breeze to set up. Last I checked the RIM tools were all still Windows - do the conversion tools run on Linux yet? Lack of dev environment on Linux is basically I never wrote apps for my Blackberry. A free Playbook is a nice sweetener but it isn't worth the pain of setting up a Windows machine. Not by a long shot.
very Interesting! well Ill def take the free playbook, Im def not a blackberry fan but Im sure my mom would love it so Ill give it to her lol
+Mark Mruss nice write up, nice looking app, I am a European Football addict :) you should convert all your cool apps, you did a great job!
Ill def give It a fair shake well see If they can win me over! as for football what teams you guys support? Im a big chelsea guy :p
Looks like RIM finally realizes that it's the app ecosystem that drives the succes of Android and iOS. It's not only the OS that counts. In my opinion it's for that reason that Windows Phone hasn't taken off big time yet. Their app market place is getting there however.
+Mohamed Mansour I don't have an android app but know that I am more than able to code a basic one in 5 days, I better get to the drawing board, may even come up with something useful. In all fairness I rate the Blackberry PB, I just think that there are better tablets out there, they had the wrong marget segement in mind.
Very interesting - I have been working on an Android app this past month. Might try to finish it in the next 2 days and try to have a working app out there on the Blackberry market. How polished does it have to be?
+Shayan Javed you could always iterate, I would make it good enough to not scare users because the the first impression is always the most important. In my opinion, your objective is to not get low ratings at the start. That is how I develop my Android apps, I make sure I make it look beautiful at first with some features, and iterate. Instead of feature creeping! You would know better :)
My app is pretty much done and all that's left is the polishing part. I had given myself till the end of the month to make it eye-catching and make sure that the first impression is right (I am a firm believer in that too). The only problem is that the Blackberry deadline is 5 days away, so I guess the Playbook version is going to be a little less eye-catching.
Figured my game should be 100% compatible as I was really careful about putting in code to adapt to different screen sizes. So I tried the Playbook compatibility checker. Despite being written in Java, it doesn't seem to work unless you are on Windows. Doesn't inspire confidence. Get your act together RIM.... this is 2012, not 1998.
What problems do you have +David LaPointe , have you tried contacting in the forums? The Developer Relations people there are really quick in answering, and any problems you have, would be addressed really quickly. We know it is 2012, and we think way past that, we innovate way into the future. The PlayBook runs the majority of the Android apps, Flex/Flash apps, HTML5 Apps, and Native C++ apps. Open Stack FTW ...
Ok, had more time to spend on this. Problem is on Chrome only (see below). Firefox runs the applet ok.

So on Chrome, on this screen: The file selection dialog shows string corruption in the file filter box after 'APK' files (running under Chrome, I'll check Firefox ). Neither of the browse buttons find the .apk or Android SDK even if you give them the right location.

It's all a question of free time. As developers, we always have to gamble on where effort will be worth it. Signing up for the Amazon app store, for example, was an hour or two wasted.

It says I'm compatible, and I think I'll actually give away the app for free partly as my sons did the sound effects and they like to show it off to their friends.
Well, I got as far as signing the app - then something failed. "We're sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. The information has been registered and we're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can." I don't remember this part being complicated with Google and Amazon. Too late at night to try and figure this out,
+David LaPointe from looking at the forums, some people are having some problems It is getting looked at. You should subscribe there to see any updates. I will be looking internally to see if I can help you.
Thanks! Getting foggy here... but I'll add my info to the forum. Gotta get some sleep and haul my butt into the day job.
This whole process seems rather tedious...and now I have to wait a few hours just to get a code so I can continue with the deployment (time to go to sleep). I really, really hope I get that tablet
hmm the link to the Playbook simulator download doesn't work. I guess I really have to go to sleep for now.
Hopefully deadline will be extended. The signing tool to make the .bar isn't working on Linux right now, and sounds like there are issues on other platforms... but they sound like they are working on it.
Going to try this tonight, thx
(iv) is an application that the Sponsor believes, in its sole and absolute discretion, will be in reasonable demand on the BlackBerry App World storefront, it will qualify for the Offer and the Participant will be eligible for the Offer (“Eligible Participant”). ... so what is reasonable?
+Chris Hatko : In the context of the RIM business model, I think it is ok for RIM to filter out low-quality apps. I've certainly seen enough Android Market apps that seemed not to be tested at all - in some cases by big developer companies.
I'm finding that the BlackBerry App World vender approval process is taking a long time (almost 2 days now). Anyone having the same experience?
finally submitted it - might have to submit an improved version later. But I'm hoping this one gets approved! (I guess I'll have to wait until Monday or so to find out)
+Chris Hatko Me too. I've been waiting 50+ hours now. I hope they are working on approving devs over the week-end. :)
+Shayan Javed It took 2 business days and a weekend for my BlackBerry App World vender approval. Tomorrow I convert my app and add it.
hmm has been 5 days since the submission - i guess they are quite busy
Submitted the app, got approved and received the PB yesterday! Sweet :)
I got the app approved 2 days ago, but no request for the shipping address yet.
Just picked mine up from the FedEx depot during my lunch today. I'm going to test it out when I get home.
They will send a mail with a link which will accept your shipping address. And then they FedEx it usually within 72 hours.
Thanks +Jobin Basani. I'm curious how long it would take for that email to arrive after I "post for sale" my Playbook app. Any idea?
+Jonathan Frazer Yes I got an email on the 21st asking for a shipping address, but other people I know that submitted apps around the same time are still waiting. I'm just guessing that they have a lot submissions to go through.
+Jonathan Frazer I got the email 3 days after I posted for sale. Guess they have a large number of apps to verify and approve, which might add to the wait time, but you will get it for sure.
App got approved on Tuesday (28th), and I just got email asking for my shipping info. So about 72 hours from app submission to shipping info
Cool, glad to see you all get your PlayBooks!
I also get this error message "We're sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. The information has been registered and we're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.", very annoying!
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