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Introducing Static Share for Google+ Greasemonkey Script
My new Chrome Extension!

Today in a hangout +Brad Thompson and I shared the same interest, when you share a post on your Stream, the sharebox will move up, floating away. And that is bloody annoying! So I coded this within the hangout.

Greasemonkey Script:
Chrome Extension:
Source Code on GitHub:

This extension will fix the share box in Google+ to prevent it from floating away out of the browser view. It works well for larger monitor screens, for smaller monitor screens, expect a fix later on. Will work for Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Opera / IE with greasemonkey plugin or just download the Chrome Extension!

I hope you all enjoy this small script, it annoyed me, so I found a quick solution until they fix this long standing bug. Now back to sleep, it is getting late :)
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I should create a grease monkey script for that, who would like to contribute a grease monkey script? I am using NO chrome apis. It is just a few lines of code.
I applaud your brilliance and diligence and am delighted to see you do your magic Live! Amazing!
Great, I was wondering if it was just me experiencing the 'floating'. Thanks.
This is "the add-on" I have waited since beginning!
OMG!!! Thank you sooooo much! Finally! First thing to install tomorrow morning!!!
Woah, you guys and gals really like this! Nice to see you all spread the love :) See how coding is beautiful, just a few lines of code makes hundreds of people happy :)
+Mohamed Mansour yes, we all got tired of chasing the share box really early in the game, as someone who reshares a lot .. a huge thanks and a big hug :D
Sam aha
Now Google+ fixed it for MacBooks! YAY!!!
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^ just disregard :) It was the first thing I saw in my stream when I needed a screenshot !
+Mohamed Mansour Maybe you also code it so that the left side stream and chat contacts column stays visible when you scroll? That would be really useful :)
Great! By any chance, will you make a fix for the related problem of posts scrolling away as we are commenting?
The problem now is that at the top of the stream the share box is not visable
I hope someone creates a Greasemonkey version soon. I'd like to try it with Firefox.
Just installed it! Thanks a bunch! This WAS my BIGGEST G+ pet peeve!
Check out google's CSS extension or the Stylish extension, you can make numerous changes to how G+ can decide which columns you want to stroll, different colors for stream, left,right column...etc. My Share box is stationery in the upper right corner, never moves, always visible. You can even change the colors if you desire...
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+John Moody Does that Extension provide a Mute/Hide button on posts? I really just want a standalone mute button similar to the one in Google Tweaks and I'd be off to the races.
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I really wish the Google Extensions site was put together more thoughtfully. I'd love to see the search results list return the dates that the extension was last updated so I do not have to click through each one to see whether or not the extension is being maintained properly, or has been abandoned. In fact, they should do a much better job of culling extensions that are reported as no longer working after an e-mail to the creator and a reasonable grace period so the creator can update the extension and keep their listing.
+Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh nice testing, hmm the notifications embed all the dialogs in the DOM, lame :/ Need to find a different way. Arrg, it is 3AM :/ I will see if I can do it tomorrow
+Mohamed Mansour - if you pardon the off-topic: FYI, your circle management button currently interfere with the new space waste toolbar layout - pushing the button bar over search field. Pls tell Google we want the old tool bar back :)
+Fabien Moraldo it happens in random occasions with extension management in Chrome, you can download the greasemonkey as well. For Firefox, you have to download the Greasemonkey plugin and click on install, for Chrome, greasemonkey is embedded by default, so just click on install. Glad it worked :)
+Lars Fosdal it is annoying how they implemented that gray bar, the worst thing that ever came to Google+ :/ Most likely I will do another userscript that fixes that because it takes so much whitespace and ruins the layout. Concerning Circle Management, I know :( it is more complex to fix than many people would think. I might just remove that toolbar link to another place. I have too many extensions to maintain :(
And I believed the rumor that Greasemonkey scripts were no longer being supported in FireFox.
+Mohamed Mansour - Agree on the bar disaster - and do I see the pain in solving it. They should have added a handle for plugins to safely add buttons, or possibly add popdown menus beneath the buttons, instead of that black hint.

On the number of plugins: Would it make sense to consolidate some?
+Kieran Scobie Go to the "What's Hot" stream in the left column. On top of the stream on the right, use the slider to turn it all the way down and OFF.
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For people who asked for a mute button several options are available at the Chrome web store. Simply search "mute."
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I don't really understand what is the problem with the floating share box.
Don't want it to move? just do not drag it.
I am probably missing some info.
Why do google can't fix this! incredible!
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I like that a lot even though it doesn't seem to work perfectly in my setup - the window scrolls, but at least it stays in sight ;-) 1280x1024 res. on XP, Iron browser (Chromium based).
hello people feel free to include me in your circle...i be glad to read updates from you.
Thank you soooooooooooooo much! This just made my life a little less aggravating. :)
it never has moved for me, on my 25" monitor :)
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I made a circle just for you +Mohamed Mansour called Google+ Rockstars lol Thanks for the fix man! Now I have to add the other people that contribute to Google+ to that circle lol
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I use the stream pause thing but will try this, sounds nice.
Man that's awesome. One of the biggest bugbears of G+ is when you are trying to comment, share, or circle people and the damn window floats off screen. I have installed it just now and will let you know how I get on with it. Thanks for your all your great add-ons! :)
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Chris P
THANK YOU!!!!!! that was Sooooo frustrating
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Man this is amazing Thank You. for your time.

Request: write a script to remove the "What Hot on Google+" All I am seeing is the people o the suggested people list that no one looks at anyways!
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This is great!
One point: If you reshare a long post, you can't get to the "post" button.
Very Cool, Will Try. Thank you for this wonderful share. Group Hug!
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yeah..!! this is good sometimes it made me crazy.!
+Clare Cosgrove , it is a known problem (check the earlier comments). Mo released an updated version ... maybe you need to re-download it? I haven't verified the fix myself yet ...
Yea, reinstall and make sure your in v0.0.2m thanks everyone for the kind words! Spread the word so Google knows that everyone needs this. Ridiculous having a moving share box :(
+Stb Hernández you still have this extension/greasemonkey script installed :) Even if you uninstall it, you have to refresh the browser to remove the injection. I just checked and they still didn't patch it
+Hakan Gül thanks for helping +Clare Cosgrove :) Yea, last night when +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh told me that it doesn't work for Notifications, I quickly patched it to version 0.0.2. It should work, if you find more issues, please let me know as soon as possible! File a bug :)
+Daniel Sandstein, yea, that is the down side :/ I wonder if I can make it fixed height based on the height of the window. I will experiment :) +Stb Hernández I hope your right, I still don't see it working on that page when I disable the greasemonkey script / extension. I hope they get it together :) +Daniel Sandstein, you can always move the share box too if you can't see the buttons. It is floatable. (cool hidden feature)
S. Ray
Awesome job +Mohamed Mansour . As mentioned above somewhere, is it possible to also this for the Add to circles popup? This also runs away on us and it is ANNOYING! Thanks again!
+Mohamed Mansour Awesome work. Can you also make it apply to the box that results when we're viewing a shared circle? It also scrolls badly. For example, if someone shares a circle in my stream and I click to view it, it scrolls as well.
Thank you! But why on earth hasn't google addressed this themselves yet? I just installed it but notice a problem... Clicking to add to more circles makes the drop down list of circles go off the page and there's no way to scroll down to select circles further down the list :(
I'm laughing so hard...we have not met...been in the same rooms, and this new google Face Magazine, is wowing me; plus the cadre of cadres of folks like you treaking and shaping the future...which now can come tomorrow afternoon! I'm moving over to here: surrender, total surrender. Gee, I'm a Male, and I found this and you via Gmail - it must be the 60's residue.
+Mohamed Mansour A bug has been reported under my share: when a post is too long, then you can neither have access to choose what circles to share with and you don't have access to share button either!
+Erfun Kheirandish you could drag the window up (from the dialog head) and add your circles and share button. Would need to think about a better elegant solution for this, extensions are quite limiting when the source (Google) we wish to inject makes it extremely difficult.
+Mohamed Mansour Open this very post in a new page and then press the share button; you'll notice that you cannot drag it anywhere. However, I appreciate that it is not an easy thing to write such extensions.
YES!!!!!1111 I hate chasing the damned thing.
Ok Mohamed i`m sorry if flooded the frekin bloody sharebox i really am but u dont have to come at me with that attitude
+Mohamed Mansour You're quite brilliant and dedicated. That's awesome you can code on the fly, and then be so responsive to feedback AND prompt to fix/correct reported issues. Keep up the good work.
The 'add this circle box' keeps jumping vertically, in the Chrome browser (Mac)
Thanks! This has been driving me nuts!
How in the world hasn't Google fixed this on their own yet?? This has been a problem since day one...
+Mohamed Mansour - When you feel inclined - it would be great if this tool froze the "View shared circle" box too! It keeps floating up when I try to mark and remove people I have already circled :/
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