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New to Google+? Want to share posts to other Social Networks from Google+?
Repost of my first Chrome Extension for Google+

This extension is old, it was developed on June 28th, 2011, exactly 2 hours after Google+ opened their doors. My first post to Google+ was introducing this extension. It has evolved from just a Google+ to Facebook share extension to many Social Networks like Twitter, Quora, Yahoo, Digg, etc. It has become the most used extension for Google+ (Outside the ones Google created)

I thought I would share this again for all who missed it and if you have any suggestions on improvements, please let me know! for real :) Note, this doesn't interact to other social networks directly for privacy reasons, it is a basic extension that allows you to share G+ content :)

Hope that helps some of you!
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I use this all the time. Highly recommend it!
What can I say, you're amazing :) Thanks for reminding me of this one.
I use this almost every day. It works great.
Yes, I use that one too. I have been looking for an automatic solution. I've tried to use extensions that "auto-post" to an external platform before, but I have not figured out how to make them work properly for very long. Since I can't, I use this manual one.
If I can share the posts to "Facebook FAN PAGEs" (Facebook page) and Google+ Pages as well, then that could be wonderful !! > +Mohamed Mansour
+Anthony Renaud, creating an automatic solution is a simple problem to solve and I really thought about it really hard and carefully. At the end I decided not to support that because people might think it is a privacy issue since I would require access to all these Social Networks. I really care about privacy, so I decided people should continue to do this manually where it is not an issue.
+Frank Sanchez unfortunately you cannot add extensions to the browsers in the stock mobile phones. I think the only mobile browsers that can do this is Opera/Firefox mobile, but I didn't create any add-ons for them.
ManageFlitter is a nice option to post to twitter from google plus. It even provides a link to your google plus post !
I have installed this extension but I can't see it anywhere? Where is it suppose to show up?
Thank you for the post! This is a GREAT extension!!!
It worked for Twitter but failed on because it didn't shorten the post to 140 characters like it did for Twitter.
Hey +Jorgen Poulsen if you refresh your Google+ page (stream/profile/anywhere), it will place a "Share on ..." link next to the "Share" link..

+Lawrence Lagerlof I am asking the community if there is anything I can do to make your experience better :)

+Robert Shaver Thanks for this bug report, would be nice to file new bugs here I filed your bug here when I get some time, I will definitely release it in the next version :)

Thanks everyone for your support, people like you make me continue what I love to do, you all give me the motivation to create and inspire :)
It's great but how do I know if it's shared on personal profile or page? Is there a way to adjust the settings? (remember there are no stupid questions - lol)
+Mohamed Mansour Unrelated to this, I'd like to thank you for so generously sharing your "Unofficial G+ API" code with us, developers at large. Being quite sick of waiting for Google to release their official API, which would allow access to circles, I found your wonderful work on the github. Your code enabled me to start working on an extension I had in mind since G+ went online. Thanks a mil, man, you made the internet a better place!
I wish there was a way to update your G+ on mobile and have it update other services also
after using many of these tools to share things on Google+ with other social networks i would rather to stay here in Google+ because i already moved to here because the lake of privacy on other social networks and i wanna push my friends to come here :)
But I just tried to install it? It lead me to a 'Available On Google Chrome' page - which I installed - but it says nothing of how to install this extension? Help.
Mohamed, that's nice. But I'm a bit bewildered on how to share my own postings to, say, FB, other than actually post it there. It's great to share others (like this one), but it would be (is?) good to extend it tou your own.
Thank you very much +Mohamed Mansour I install it since some month however could you add Wordpress to "Extended Share for Google Plus" ?
+Shah Wharton If you have clicked Installed, it is ... installed! Refresh your browser, and you should see a Share to ... link next to the other links. EDIT: it is a "Share on ..." link. Sorry about that.
Hi Mohammed, I tried using to cross post on Facebook using "Share on..." but all it does is post a link to Google+ itself... am I missing something?
Rio H
cant use this extension on mobile phone? it says not supported, thanks for sharing this by the way +Mohamed Mansour
I am looking for one that does the opposite. Any ideas? Thanks
forgive my ignorance but should this extension show up on my browser page, as a button?
+Jorgen Poulsen No no, good question :) Unfortunately I don't know how Facebook treats Fan pages, I would have to look into it. I am just using their share link service.

+Shah Wharton You would need to have Google Chrome, and when you click on install from that page, it will ask you to choose your social networks that you want to share. Then refresh your Google+ page since now you will see a "link" called "Share on..." within every post. Hope that helps.

+Christian Wanscher So you want it to post the contents instead of the link? Sorry if I misunderstood.

+Shariq Siddiqui it should post contents and then link, Facebook share service will then expand the contents as a share embed. This would only work for public Google+ content not limited ones.

+Rio H Unfortunately this is for the desktop only, you can't add extensions easily for Mobile phones (only some browsers).

+Zack Nebbaki I was thinking about that, but no plans yet :)
+Mohamed Mansour thank you for the prompt reply. I was hoping for something that would share websites to all my social media. as of now I share on g+ and then twitter picks up the post and shares it with FB. thought this might do similar. thanks again.
+Justin Butts np :) That could be done, but wasn't the purpose for this extension. Since many people wanted an automatic post way, maybe I should just do it. You post in one location, and it will cross-post to the others.
I remember this...i think it was the reason i added you to my circles in the first place...great stuff!
+Jan Aynes Many thanks. I figured it out. It is a huge opportunity to spam though. I hope people can control it :(
+Jan Aynes for now you have been circled into my 'Women I don't know' circle. I hope you won't remain there for long :)
+Jan Aynes You're welcome. There are several circle categories before you end up in 'Women I can't live without' so I look forward to future posts :)

ps. there is also one called 'The woman I can't live without'. It's currently empty and it's my only 'invitation only' circle :)
+Jan Aynes finding singles is not a problem. Finding love is. Hmm.. I think I'm getting off-topic. Ok then send them over :)
+Grace Otomo Kishirow unfortunately with this extension you cannot do that, I don't think a solution exists for that. The APIs that Google made public are missing a lot of functionality for reasons which are not yet known. But I could find ways around that, it seems many people need such feature. It just takes time :) If anyone who is technical enough in JavaScript willing to help, please let me know!

+Tzafrir Rehan we should be able to monitor the XHR calls going back to Google's servers and figuring out how they construct the post response for various items (photo, video, link, circles, music, etc), and add that to the Unofficial Google+ API. It just seems a lot of work :/ But interesting to solve the right way :)
+Tzafrir Rehan hmm, someday I will extend my JavaScript API to add a plus.postItem(callback, ItemType, obj) API which is content aware based on the ItemType struct. I realized from the last time I was packet sniffing the data is that they treat circle and user mentions as ACL (I already support that), and user post mention by using the '@' character prefixed to their Google ID. I will get back to it soon.
Cool! Let me know if you need an eye or a hand.
I really want to use this - seems like a VERY useful extension. But I've installed it. And I save the settings. And it says "installed" if I look at my list of extensions on Chrome. But I don't see "Share on ..." anywhere. I've refreshed my Google+ page. I've closed and restarted Chrome. I even restarted my PC. To no avail. Is there anything else I'm missing? (I'd snip an screen shot of what I see ... but have no idea how to post that to "comments.")

EDIT: NEVERMIND. I now get it. Shows up NOT when you're creating something from scratch but when you want to "re-share" something. Brilliant. Thank you, +Mohamed Mansour :)
I have proposition: Could you use shorten url (I prefer for facebook message links to g+. This would help to evaluate effectiveness these shares. And it will be good for twitter.
My share post extension is no longer available in the new google+ UI. Is there a substitute or an update coming?
I was just thinking the same +Bobby Matos ... hoping for a new update for the extension soon :-)