I am a Software Engineer that loves open source development because it is transparent and fun. I highly believe that is the future. The list I am sharing now is what I curated over the last five months for Chrome Extension Developers that I trust.

Trust is a huge word, but I really mean it. I have analysed, studied, all their source codes, and they are here for good reasons, not bad. Let me explain why.

The people I have added to this circle are selectively chosen because of the following reasons, they are the only ones I met in Google+:

- Their passion in extension development.
- Open sourcing everything they do.
- Extremely friendly and nice to talk to.
- No ego whatsoever.
- Helpful to help others, pushes knowledge sharing.
- Creates stuff they love, not necessarily what sells.
- They create beautiful design and code.
- They contribute code to other projects

Circle these 22 people, they are the extension developers that I was fortunate enough to meet online over the past 5 months. I learned a lot from them and I hope you all get to learn a lot from them as well :)

Enjoy! So yea, these people are awesome extension developers :)
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