Sneak peak on my next big project on Facebook!
Introducing Facebook Video Parties!

Many of my friends are still on Facebook, and the best thing I liked about Google+ is simply the Hangouts. From the last two weeks (part-time), I have been trying to implement the good features I like from Google+ Hangouts including the wish list items that I always wanted to see.

It integrates well with Facebook Timeline, and you have full moderation controls if you want to do public parties. It would play nice with people in low connections and very high speed connections! You can even do study groups for an exam with a bunch of Facebook friends.

Since I will be owning the entire stack, and I am not tied to a single organization. I could implement anything you guys want! So it will be an exciting month ahead :) Finally, my friends on Facebook could enjoy the beauty of group video chat easily! Twitter and Google+ integration will be coming in a later release.

The only limitation I have is hosting, so I will be just rolling it out slowly. I am trying to get more developers on this, so we can show what the community can do!

Please subscribe to my Facebook page for following the development of this!

It is powered by +node.js :-)
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