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Sneak peak on my next big project on Facebook!
Introducing Facebook Video Parties!

Many of my friends are still on Facebook, and the best thing I liked about Google+ is simply the Hangouts. From the last two weeks (part-time), I have been trying to implement the good features I like from Google+ Hangouts including the wish list items that I always wanted to see.

It integrates well with Facebook Timeline, and you have full moderation controls if you want to do public parties. It would play nice with people in low connections and very high speed connections! You can even do study groups for an exam with a bunch of Facebook friends.

Since I will be owning the entire stack, and I am not tied to a single organization. I could implement anything you guys want! So it will be an exciting month ahead :) Finally, my friends on Facebook could enjoy the beauty of group video chat easily! Twitter and Google+ integration will be coming in a later release.

The only limitation I have is hosting, so I will be just rolling it out slowly. I am trying to get more developers on this, so we can show what the community can do!

Please subscribe to my Facebook page for following the development of this!

It is powered by +node.js :-)
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That's very cool. Can this talk to Google+ hangouts? Where is your node.js instance running? Amazon EC2?
so FB just keeps copying / improving based on G+ model?
+Michael Safyan nope, I am owning the entire stack. It talks to a centralized server (which is clustered), the cool thing about this is that the bandwidth is dynamic. It doesn't matter if your on 1mbit line or 100mbit line. You can choose how to stream/publish it :)
Who's backbone is this going to run on? Will they have anywhere near the capacity of Google's?
+Mat Langley I aint trolling, I just showed the people in this hangout how it looks like and how it works :)
Google + is the best better then Facebook for my opinion ;-)
I love that the comments on the real and the fake ones are the same. Damn people with your religions, some of us just love video no matter who the service is. Yes, yes, you left facebook and never looked back. You've reminded of this 32047284r72384728347293 times now.
So you also have a chance of making a billion dollar.
I am sure if Mark Zuckerberg can pay a billion dollar for Instagram, he would not hesitate paying another billion to compete with Google. After all it is the main feature of the G+
Damn shame it's associated with Facebook... I'll never use it. I'm far from paranoid about putting stuff online, but I've seen them exploit their members too many times. It's not about trusting them with my data, it's about being treated like an ant in an ant farm. Zuckerberg is like a kid with an ant farm... "Hey, let's move this piece of glass and expose how they live here." There's no respect for the members... they're just a tool to exploit.
I can now build on a platform that I own and not worry about when things break. It was time consuming updating extensions and when they all broke, I was sad. Now, it wont happen again! I just built a platform myself.
+Tom Rolfson it will be integrated with Twitter and other networks after Facebook. I am just focusing on Facebook because I have many friends there that I miss talking to!
Really for me.. I never yet used Hangout... here in +Lebanon the connection is slow... I love all in G+ and getting extremely good result... new people... not same people and friends of fb... i have an article and a mag and a tv interview. So what better... in fb I didn't have this! and again I never used yet hangout
+Mohamed Mansour Just wondering if you have been exploiting a video chat feature of FB/Skype or building a video conferencing platform on your own?
Oh. Facebook, no thank you. I've deleted my account a long time ago and I've got everything I need here, and won't create a new FB account just because some service/product needs it.
Sad seeing you going the facebook route. Hope you'll still stay here too, and develop the wonderful things you do!
+Tom Rolfson I sneaked twice this without speaking... it is ok maybe little slow.. but again like i rarely open chat in fb... same i am not so interested till now about Hangout.. I like a lot G+ and found very useful.. the way you add people even before you know them.. like in fb.. in general you add your friends.... and I am getting good results as I explained with G+
+Mohamed Mansour First look is awesome. Since g+ hangouts are built on youtube infrastructure and google is a cash rich company it can afford to host hangouts in such a quantity. But as you said you own the stack in this case, i guess if this extensions becomes super hit, you might need to consider vc funding for hosting huge amount of hangouts. At least until facebook incorporates it natively or buys out your extension like instagram or just offers you a job at facebook. Kudos buddy:)
Ewwwww Facebook. I wouldn't be seen dead hanging out there. I can't believe that you are doing this, +Mohamed Mansour . :(
It has almost a billion users, and they have the social graph and interest graph that intrigued me.
+Mohamed Mansour i am tempted to know what configuration of components did u use to power your own stack?
+Jaydon Hansen They're welcome to come... but do we really need them to? I kind of compare it to living in a smaller city vs. large. I get all I need here... from news to tech to social to games... and of course... Hangouts.
I do not like the unofficial extensions filled with advertising my browser, hide malicious code.
Facebook applications have bugs and viruses
no more facebook, on my life

Be creative to bring their friends here, I have all my friends in google+
otherwise I think you need to go back to facebook
+Jaydon Hansen Since July I think about 200 of the 3,400 "friends" I had on FB have come and stayed. Oddly, in the last 2 weeks I've had quite a few more coming and asking for demos on Hangouts and how to get around G+. I think word is getting-out. I'm sure it (G+) has reached critical mass that Google is totally committed to it's success. With their resources... they're the 800lb gorilla compared to FB. FB claims nearly a billion members. I know many people who have many accounts on there... the real number might be less than 600k. Compare that to Google's 1.2B+ that use GMail, YouTube, Blogger, iGoogle, Picasa.... then even more who use any flavor of Android phone... I'd bet a reach 4-10x that of FB. Google+ is still an infant... just 9 months old. Even with last weeks API and UI changes... I can't even call it G+ 2.0 yet.
+Jaydon Hansen I've seen every iteration of online services since the very beginning (literally). I'm pretty good at seeing and calling when one has jumped the shark and seeing the populace move. The migration or movement of "the tribe" coming here is happening almost the same as every generation before. Hell, there are still people using email addresses and a few that still do nothing but MySpace. I'm sure the majority of intelligent adults will all be here at least 50% of their online time in the next 12-18 months.
Remember the good old days when Facebook was fine and we didn't want those MySpacers coming in and stinking up the place? We should do that again.
+Eric Rice The thing I really don't get: Everyone saying "I can't leave Facebook because my family and friends are there." at the very same time it gets the lowest ratings for trust and privacy. So.. the people who are staying there are saying it's the place they're going to communicate with the people most intimate in their lives... yet not make the correlation to the data they're sharing being the most personal on the least trusted site? That's like saying they'll put their money in a bank that operates out of a cardboard box.
+Jaydon Hansen I doubt they'll ever buy Facebook. Remember EVERYONE... I mean EVERY major player walked away from Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs said he couldn't work with him, Microsoft threw a minute investment in... Facebook's only major financing has come from a Russian investor and Goldman-Sachs. Goldman... the company that operates today because it accepted our bailout money. All the prime positions and value stock is gone.
Facebook's buying Instagram for $1B is like chumming the water for sharks. By throwing a bunch of blood out there... sharks start swimming in a frenzy looking for a fast meal. That same thing will happen with investors... "Hey, look... Facebook's got money and everyone associated with them is making lots of money!" For the first few days, maybe weeks... there will be some big ups and downs... from there it will follow the GroupOn path. "You can't grow very fast, you can't increase revenue with any new services... where will any ROI come from?"
+Mohamed Mansour, wow - you certainly have been busy. This project shows some real promise and potential to become very very big. Keep at it and congratulations.
Looks awesome. Haven't been using Facebook for ages but this looks like they are really putting the par high. G+ have a lot to do in also in the near future. I think this is good for customers/consumers.
Ging De
I have heard they sponsor #CISPA, so ... yeah..
+Daria Musk yes :) I can now implement the communities pet features directly, natively without extensions! The best part is that I am making it in a away so you can embed the party in your own website (not as a youtube video, but as a real interactive party). So imagine hosting a personalized party, your own colors, logo, layout, etc!
+Łukasz Miazgowski everything is possible! Rememeber 8 months ago, I created a hack for code collaborations within a hangout ~3 months before the hangout API came public? Now, I don't even need to do hacks, I can focus on design/architecture/and quality!
True, I'll keep my finger crossed and you can be shure, lots of people gona use it, hangouts (extended) are right now biggest value added for g+, goog luck!
Just a thought, you probably don't want to use the word "hangout" for this, unless it's genuinely integrating with Google+ hangouts. You're asking for trouble, plus it's just kind of confusing if you're using a term which (in the context of video-conferencing) is really very Google+ specific.
+Jeremy Nickurak I understand, but do they really own the word hangout? Ever since I was a little child, I always tell my friends, lets hangout this weekend. This is why this is called Facebook Video Parties where people hangouit. Hangout is the verb for my app.
+Mohamed Mansour , since u r in the process of building it, i have a feature request which is the ability to live telecast the hangout(even the ones hosted by pages) and record it. So that it will give tons of important and excellent pages in facebook the ability to live telecast their important events to their fans without the need to have any extra hardware which g+ already allows but for selected people's and pages which is not good. It should be an open feature. #featurerequest
i am interested to work with you
This is pretty awesome!
I can't wait to tell the people I have on fb about it! I've been ranting about hangouts since christmas and they wanna punch my face by now, but now they will see what I'm talking about!
They will use it in a different way that I use hangouts here on g+ (with old friends and family instead of new) but they will use it and I am sure they will love it! :)
+Mohamed Mansour Obviously they don't own the phrase "hang out". But:

1) "Hangout" is not "hang out".
2) It's pretty well established that "hang out" as a name of a product in multi-user video-conferencing means Google+. As a verb, or used outside of multi-user video-conferencing, it's pretty open. But you probably can't get away with having a product called "Hangout" or even "Hang out" if it's in direct competition.
Mo, google can trademark 'hangout' in the context of video software, and can go after anyone using it as such. They don't own the WORD, but they can protect it this way, much like Apple, FB, Twitter and others have before them (they certainly frown on people saying 'gchat', but they can't do anything about that. I am always concerned for people who use Plus and Hangout in their product names for this reason. I evangelize making a strong product name and avoid locking yourself into a single brand. After all, you've proven then you can transcend any single product silo. :)
I can't even remember my password for Facebook however anything that keeps the current FB population on FB is good in my book. Every time we see an influx of people to G+ this site gets cheapened.
Trying to wrap my head around how this will function, get adoption and be sustainable... Still prefer Google+ hangouts! :)
Great... There are a lots of folks on Facebook that I would like to reach with this type of capability... Please let me know if you are forming a beta test group. Art
This looks like a fantastic idea. I hope it works out. When you say Google+ and Twitter integration are coming soon, does that mean that people from G+, FB and Twitter will be able to interact in the same "hangout"?
+Mohamed Mansour - If this could be built to work with the "other" social networks without having to have an account on each, then I'd be all over this! I no longer have a FB account, but I do sometimes miss engaging with my friends and family on there.

However as cool as this sounds, and as much as I'd enjoy hanging out with people that are still on FB, I wouldn't go back to FB for this. So fingers crossed, that your talents can go a step beyond, and make this so that one doesn't have to have an account on each social network - in order to use it. =)
Skype has a plugin for FB. Haven't tried it yet though.
While I think it's cool that you're doing a lot of great things, why would I want to help FB? I still use FB (mostly to communicate with people that don't do G+), but I post more things here on G+.
One thing I've noticed about G+ is that the conversations get loooooonnngg in the comments area. Like this post for example. But for the lovers of G+ (and I'd like to love it but you'll see why I don't if you follow me) why can't G+ aficionados allow people to like both Facebook and Google+?
Better pay skype few dollars, you can video chat with your friends like hangouts.
If you're looking for a name that's not remotely close to anything for fear of lawsuits, I throw 'Underground' into the hat. "Hey guys' let's go Underground" " Let's go have an Underground discussion" "Go Underground and I'll meet you there". I saw you asking for names and no one really threw one out there, so there's mine. Not really 'catchy', but if people are already using their platforms anyway, then they just need a word to indicate what they are wanting to do. I'm sure someone can come up with something!

BTW, I won't come hunting you for money if you use it, it's a freaking word. I'd just be
+Dustin Anderson here it is! +Thomas Owadenko +Jason Joseph the prototype was done long time ago (time I wrote this post), but I have been still working on it making it a cool functioning product :) Working on this part time and maintaining my other projects is challenging for time management :)
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