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Google releases Search for Windows 8, and it is really good!

I was searching the Windows 8 store, and I found Google Search app on it. So far, it looks beautiful, the animations, the voice control (it has Google Now baked in). When you search for something, it won't leave the Google experience in a separate page and it keeps track of your history. Pretty good for research.

Take a look at the screenshots at the link below, they have done a nice job, it is made using HTML5 too!

I would love to see more Windows 8 Google apps!
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wow ! It looks amazing ! Just installed it ! +Google always rocks ! To me, it looks as the same app as they wanted to release for iOS !
Google is spoiling whatever the chance Microsoft is having rejuvenate Bing.. I hope Google won' be tagged as evil for being proactive. 
Google has the best coding in the world !
+Mohamed Mansour :D , and hey I love your (Microsoft's) Win 8 metro style! I think I'm going to use this from now on !
Hrmm I can't seem to find it when I search the Store in the Release Preview
+Mohamed Mansour so if I use Google Search app in Win 8 and visit a site which browser will be shown ? IE10 ?
This is the release preview running on a virtual machine so should be x86 but could be 32 bit?
Could be region-based yeah. Thanks anyway for the heads-up. Will keep an eye out for it :)
Thanks for the find, +Mohamed Mansour. +Matt Hooper I've had problems running Win8 software that was restricted not to run on the release preview version, so perhaps that's involved. I can't get to the app either from France, on a release preview system. Although, geographic restrictions also are possible, and Google often launches products only in the U.S. or for English-speaking audiences to start, the description of the search app lists 87 (!) languages.
Yes, but he's always touting the new stuff that MS comes out with, and with the push recently by MS to "re-launch" Bing and try to get it to compete with Google search, I'm surprised that Windows is integrating Google into their windows search.
"it has Google Now baked in"
 With Google search, you ask for stuff. With Google Now, it tells you stuff. They are visually similar, but not the same thing at all.
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