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Circle Pong Hangout+ Game revived from the dead!

I just integrated Google+ Hangout API to Circle Pong the Hangout Game that we were creating without the API months ago :) It is now faster and cleaner, no hacks needed!

+John Barrington Craggs lead game dev and myself will continue it :) Thanks to +Jake McCuistion for the graphics and +Lucas Johnson for the sweet audio!

Note, the image is just a mockup :) We will show you the completed design when we are done :) We will take time though, just follow us at our GitHub page!

If you want to help out, please join us at that github page, and we can make it a community effort! Message +John Barrington Craggs or +Mohamed Mansour if you have any questions!
circle-pong-extension - Chrome Extension for Hangout Circle Pong Game on Google+
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Lei Cao
+Farhan Sabir git is a version control system, programmers code together and share their code. It's for programmers. Not like facebook or g+ but it's also socialized.
Lei Cao
+Farhan Sabir On front end, it's html css javascript and flash. On server end, it may be c/c++ and python.
Awesome idea! I'm loving it!

Has the spirit of the beginning of a new era ;)
That might be the first game that I would actually want to play here! Another very cool way to use hangout technology. This non-programmer/gamer is intrigued!
how actuators i don't know how i download this and i don't know what i need to do with it help!!!!!!!!!111111111
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