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Mohamed Mansour

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Hot from Twitter: What happens when non-tech people discover web developer tools
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Be responsible for what we shout out to internet
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Mohamed Mansour

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I'm mentioned on the Microsoft blog! Many people ask me why I joined, so here is why I made the move to Silicon Valley

You can read about it here:
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congratulation. hey bro me on also a software engineer. actually now i am studying. any kind of advise plz share with me. still w8ing for your responce.
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Mohamed Mansour

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Bing now supports Real-time Bitcoin conversion!

 Yay, my side project feature got launched From prototype to production, cross team collaboration (Seattle, California, and Hyderabad), all in our spare time! I love our stack, so agile :)
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Very nice Mohammad bhai
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Mohamed Mansour

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If anyone is looking for an Off The Record Messaging Cryptography Protocol (OTR) for Windows 8 Runtime, we updated this library during the Facebook Hackathon this weekend for a Secure Chat app we created on that platform.

OTR with your messaging workflow will ensure:

- Confidentiality, so that the messages are encrypted.
- Authentication that verifies who the initiator and receiver are.
- Perfect Forward Secrecy so that each instant message sent is encrypted using a different encryption key.
- Deniability, so that the MAC keys that already have been used will not be used again.
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Nice handsome
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So GibSec released the full disclosure of hacking SnapChat, since SnapChat didn't respond back for over 4 months. So I am curious if it still works. So this Hangout On Air, will try out the Source Code for the hack that GibSec released here.

Basically, the hack does this, given anyones snapchat username, you can get their email address and phone number. Ouch ...
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Mohamed Mansour. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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Lame. Make a big stink 
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Mohamed Mansour

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Damn muscle memory! "sd sync" -> "git sync" -> "git push", I have only been here at Microsoft for a year and ten months ...
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I'd rather invest in Atlassian over Microsoft for version control hosting. MS has been an utter failure over the years when it comes to version control (TFS is a prime example). SharePoint really sucks too. Atlassian Stash is really awesome.
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Mohamed Mansour

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Bill Gates just answered a question about Bitcoin on Reddit! And it is his first day back in Microsoft!
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Ur daily earnings not all of them.
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Mohamed Mansour

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So +WIRED published an article about a math wizard who hacked +OkCupid to find True Love, so Ryan and I sought out to improve his collection technique and crowdsource it.  

You can read more about it here at the link below.
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2 days later: the only profiles left on OkCupid are fakes, created by crawlers, trying to seduce other crawlers ... :)
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Mohamed Mansour

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Ummm... yeah. :-D
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Of course, compared to PHB, a badger would be a transcendental form of life.
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Hey developers, have you tried the IE 11 F12 Developer Tools?

What new features would you like to see in Internet Explorer F12 developer tools.  As you know we released a brand new version for IE11 and it is continuously improving!

So I am reaching out to you all to see what new features you would really like to see to make your development debugging, performance testing, editing, etc ... more productive. And the cool thing about me is that, I will bring your suggestion first hand to the IE F12 team.

Please be civil, we (developers), are working really hard to develop a browser that will make you (developers) productive. So any suggestions regarding the F12 tools, let me know, and I will make sure your voice is heard !
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+Mohamed Mansour  - also, I might be pissing into the wind here, but your team might consider open-sourcing the dev tools as a friendly gesture to the community.  MS could focus on building a great browser, and the community could focus on building the dev tool they themselves would want to use. Food for thought.
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Beirut, Lebanon - Ottawa, Canada
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My views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my current or former employers.

I am Lebanese Canadian, born and raised in Canada, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area working at Microsoft.
At Microsoft, I am a Software Engineer at Bing. During the day I write a lot of JavaScript and develop new Social User Experiences at Bing Social. As well, I am deeply involved in the Innovation team where we are a bunch of hackers creating cool social experiences in Microsoft using our Bing Platform. Finally, I contribute to many internal special project tools to help innovate very rapidly.
At home, when I code, I attend many local hackathons, I write free software, contribute to many open source software projects, such as Google Chrome (2008-2011), hundreds of browser extensions (Firefox / Chrome / Safari), maintained dozens of projects on GitHub and contributed to many projects around the internet. That allows me to spread the knowledge I gained at Microsoft to all over the world, and vice versa :)
I will be posting stuff about programming, work at Microsoft, and stuff I find interesting.
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Google Chrome has some code written by me!
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I am highly impressed with the amount of work and professional organization. They have four parallel programs running at the same times for English, Urdu, Farsi, and Arabic. The organizers are friendly, the community is clean, and there is even a place where kids go and learn. If you are in the are and looking for a shua school of thought, then this is the place to go. People visit from san Francisco too.
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I came to visit at 6:20 to check it out, but the dental clinic was closed. It was advertised to close at 7pm.
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*Update:* After I complained about the service, they came again the following workday, and they did a much better job. They even cleaned the porche and the doors. -Totally unsatisfied with their service. The maids seem they are in a hurry missing many known dirty areas (such as door entrance, kitchen, corners). I have asked to clean the doors and windows, they just wiped it, and left the dirty bezels, disgusting ...-
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It has free wifi and people are super friendly!
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They took out the cold smoothies, they had really nice smoothies, now all you can get is coffee (which I don't drink) and tea.
Food: GoodDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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Everyone has their own private office and each engineer can get as many monitors as you can. For example, I have 4 monitors and my view is on the stair case which is pretty cool since I get to say hi to everyone in my area every morning. In my building, there is a ping pong table, foos ball table, xbox 360 play room with guitar heros/rockband. So when you get bored, you just go down and play it. Food is not free, there is some variety, like chefs special every day, but some people go to the city (2mi) to eat at a nice restaurant. The drinks are free, every kitchen has free soda, water, coffee, milk, juice, carbonated drinks etc. Every other friday we have happy hour, so they bring snacks in and a mini movie. Biking to work is great too, it is right off steven creek trail, so you get to your office quickly!
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