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So I watched Blackhat yesterday in SF. The hacking scenes were funny cause it felt real :) I wish there was more hacking and less action, but at the end it is a really nice Michael Mann hit! 

I have wrote more about the movie (spoiler free) over at IMDB if you wanted to know my thoughts on it :)
Directed by Michael Mann. With Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wei Tang, Leehom Wang. A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime ne...
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Mohamed Mansour

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very nice
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Mohamed Mansour

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The last 2 months at work, I am working on this new web project, and I decided to use +AngularJS with TypeScript. It is a pretty great combo for whoever is starting a new project. I have a team of five and TypeScript makes it so organized. EcmaScript 6 is great! 

I am really considering to use ReactJS because I want to learn the differences. I want to wrap my mind around new Shadow DOM style.

What are your thoughts about this?
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Mohamed Mansour

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Checkout Skype Qik ! I have been using it for the past month on my Windows Phone (available as well on Android and iOS) and it is pretty great. It allows you to have quick casual conversations with your friends, and the videos go away after some time.
If Skype was invented today, what would it look like? This morning, a small team within Skype is attempting to answer that question with the launch of a new..
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No I can't used .
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Mohamed Mansour

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Yay, we just shipped Bing Translator for iOS 8! The app I built that was showcased in WWDC keynote to show off the Action Extension capabilities is now live on the App Store Lots of work was done with the iOS Bing team, and I believe the end result is beautiful. 

If you have Apple iOS 8, download it now :)

If you are interested in the internals on how it was done, you can read my blog post on how it was implemented here See More
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Oh sorry, I thought you were talking about Android itself, not Chrome.
You're best bet for having extensions in a mobile browser would be FireFox, as much as I hate to say it.
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Mohamed Mansour

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Brilliant for those who have kids!
Introducing HomeTube, a child-friendly launcher that allows kids to easily and safely watch YouTube content.

I was motivated to write HomeTube after I found myself increasingly frustrated observing my children attempt to interact with and navigate the YouTube mobile apps. I couldn't shake the feeling there was an opportunity for an interface that was both vastly simpler and allowed me more control over what was being viewed.

I had also recently read a terrific article[1] which I felt illustrated a gut thought I'd long had quite exceptionally: that taking options, complexity and features away can be a positive feature in itself. I didn't want my kids expanding the notification shade and accidentally loading the Play Store app. I didn't want my kids opening system settings or even having access to the multitasking button. I wanted an interface where my kids could easily watch the YouTube videos they wanted to watch on a whim, and nothing else.

Thus HomeTube was born. The interface couldn't be simpler. HomeTube is configured with child-friendly content[2] which displays in a grid. From there, a child selects the content they want to watch and the top ~20 search results for that category are displayed. One more click and they're watching a video. And that's it. 

If you're running Android 4.4, immersive mode kicks in so the system status and navigation bars are hidden. And because HomeTube can be set as a default launcher (you are of course free to use it as a normal app if you chose), I can create user profiles for my children on my Android tablet, and all they ever see is HomeTube.

If you're reading this, HomeTube is almost certainly a terrible way for you to consume YouTube content. But if you have a child who likes to watch the same YouTube content over and over again instantly, HomeTube is a terrific interface for your child to consume YouTube content. And as a parent, HomeTube means I can finish washing the dishes without having to change the current video being played 5 times, so that's particularly nice.

HomeTube is free to use with its defaults, and there's a single 99 cent in-app purchase if you want to customize the content that displays. Enjoy :)

Download HomeTube from the Play Store:

[2] Obviously I can't guarantee that you and I agree 100% on what is child-friendly content, but sound out in the comments if you feel a default is particularly misguided.
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yo wahts up
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Mohamed Mansour

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To the woman and child who sat at table 9, I did not introduce myself to you. My name is Tony Posnanski. I have been a restaurant manager for fifteen years now. My day consists of making sure my restaurant runs well. That could mean washing dishes, cooking and sometimes even serving tables. I have also dealt with every guest complaint you can imagine. A few weeks back, you came into my restaurant. I was very busy that night. I was running around helping the kitchen cook food. I was asked to talk to a table close to yours. I did and they said your child was being very loud. I heard some yelling while I was talking to that table. I heard a very loud beep from a young girl. I started to walk to your table. You knew what I was going to ask. You saw the table I just spoke to pointing at you. I got to your table and you looked at me. You wanted the first word. You said…

“Do you know what it is like to have a child with Autism?”

- See more at:
"I was supposed to politely tell you to please not have your daughter yell. I was supposed to offend you by not offending you…"
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Beautiful story :)
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Mohamed Mansour

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.NET is now officially open sourced!
Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows!

Under our new leadership, Satya Nadella is finally open sourcing .NET and its entire family. Microsoft is providing the full .NET server stack in open source, including ASP.NET, the .NET compiler, the .NET Core Runtime, Framework and Libraries. 

Exiting day for us :)
11/12/2014 NEWS: Announcing new governance model and project contributions to the .NET Foundation. The .NET Foundation is an independent organization to foster open development and collaboration around the growing collection of open source technologies for .NET, Microsoft's comprehensive ...
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+Roberto Hernández De La Luz Ya era hora, el problema será averiguar qué tan "abierto" lo quieren hacer
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Mohamed Mansour

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Hello :) 

I am sorry ... I accidentally deleted my hangout circle :( Let me do the introduction, so I can add back my hangout friends who comment on this post. I want to come back to G+

Hi my name is Mohamed, and I currently work at Microsoft. I used to create a lot of "Chrome Extensions" around Hangouts and Google+. Since I started at Microsoft three years ago, I started working on exciting stuff, so since 6 months ago I am part of Bingcubator, I get to work with a team of 5 people on anything I want :)
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I invented my circles, which includes you. 
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Pretty cool new research that combines Machine Learning + new thin film  transparent sensing surface to create a variety of interactions. #MicrosoftResearch
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Hey hun
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Mohamed Mansour

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Everyone used this !
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It reminds me of the term
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Mohamed Mansour

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Who experienced these 6 stages of debugging :)
The important thing to do is stick together.
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