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One of the best LCHF videos I watched

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Gnome wallpaper appears when running mate
I found that this happens when nautilus runs as the file manager under mate. Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Preferred applications ->  System and set the file manager to Caja . The symptoms are when running mate  desktop manager, and upon spawning the fil...

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Mate marco workspace switcher shortcut conflicts with intellij idea's CTRL ALT left and right
I have been dealing with this annoying issue for a while. Mate desktop environment has its desktop switching shortcuts conflicting with intellij idea's back/forward editing, which I use plenty of time. I finally found where they are stored. Use the dconf-ed...

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H2 crash and stack dump after about 10 days of running online
I use jBug ( ) to track my own tasks. A couple of weeks ago, I changed jBug's storge to use H2 instead of derby hoping that H2 will help jBug gain speed. There was a small uptick in the response time, not a huge gain. However...

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Faster serving pages using MapDB caching
The summary of this post: MapDB is an awesome library ( ). MapDB is a concurrent library that provides collections that implement several of the basic java collections, like Map for example. It stores the data in memory mapped files, th...

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Multi project gradle aka multi module maven project
Making more peace with gradle. Got part of my projects compiling correctly. One good piece I learned, when moving off maven read this Project lib dependencies here: part . You might also...

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Adding a gradle module to multi module maven project seems very frustrating
I'm managing pubzi as a multi module maven project. Currently testing the idea of adding an android project to the mix. Currently, android manages its project using gradle, previously with ant, and there's a maven plugin as well. But it seems that gradle is...

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Abstracting away hbase
Testing a new interesting idea. Running unit tests against hbase code is very cumbersome. Launching the HBase mini cluster is extremely heavy as well. An awesome feature of Phoenix is its JDBC driver. It seems very possible that we can write a set of DAO wr...
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