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Gaming Ambassador for Windsor Ontario

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Dyson released the Kraken. 

Every month that Patreon funding remains over the $400 mark I sift through my back catalog and bring up a selection of maps that patrons vote on as to which will be released under the free commercial-use license. This month we start by releasing the Kraken on good old Joseph’s Inlet!

Joseph’s Inlet is a small unwalled city built around a moderate-sized keep on a hill overlooking the sea. At heart, the town is drawn around few features that I wanted for a few stories / adventures.

Some fantasy novel I had read in the past year had a section of town down by the river with a large retaining wall blocking the houses from the river front. You can see that wall (with two streets with stairs that break through the wall) along the river front. Boats moor along this area, and the town watch keeps up regular patrols here (particularly at night) to keep the transient population from causing too much trouble with the locals (or vice versa in some cases, keeping the boat crews from falling victim to local cutpurses and con men).

There are also two markets in town where vendors set up stalls and tents to sell goods – one on the plateau east of the keep, and the other (larger market) almost due south of the keep.
Across the river to the west we also have another small keep – home to an adventurer, a mercenary crew, or maybe a major trader’s base of operations.

Everything else? Well, that’s up to you!

Joseph’s Inlet was drawn using a Sakura Micron 005 pen on 8-quad graph paper. It was scanned, contrast-enhanced, and had a bit of post-production (screentones for the water) done in Photoshop. It was also the very first city map I drew at full-page size in a very long time when it was released back in 2014. Up to that point, most of the cities on the blog had been drawn in a small notebook.

You can download the map of the city (updated and upgraded from the 2014 release) from the blog with and without screens at

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Aethercon is coming up and looking for GMs.

This is a worldwide online event. Doesn't matter where you are, if you are reading this now,k you must be online and you can attend. 
There's only 3 days left before GM Registration for AetherCon VI
( ) opens up folks. Be one of the first 25 Open GMs to register your game in the month of July and qualify for the Earlybird GM Prize Bundle full of lots of cool stuff. Make sure you check the GM Playbook too for tips on how to get the most out of your game

Come on out and be a part of the Dice Rolls Hear 'Round the World!

#aethercon #onlineconvention #roll20 #dnd #pathfinderrpg #callofcthuhlu #dungeoncrawlclassics #shadowrun

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Boosting the signal. Free RPG
Two months ago I shared the alpha version of a role-playing game I am working on, called BELOW, on Facebook. There was feedback and playtest, and the whole thing went through a huge revision. Its focus on dungeon crawling remains, but the mechanics have changed. A lot.
Even the name changed!
If you want, you can find the quickstart here FOR FREE:
Read it, maybe try it, send me feedback. It's the only way for the game to improve! THANK YOU!

Happy Birthday G+

While I may not like the direction you went, you are still the best social media platform out there right now.

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A Derek Von Z map.
Here I have added a dwarven vault map to my collection. I have included some background info about the map and a description of some of its features. I also adde a list of some adventure hooks that can help you implement this location in your game.

For people interested in the map-making itself. I also included a picture tutorial of my map creation process. It is not extensively detailed but I'm sure it can help other graphic artists pick a trick or two.

Full article here:

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To me this is a sign of an artist that cares about his work.
When a friend asks you during a break in a game session if anyone has bought the rights to one of your maps because he used it in a game and would like to publish the resulting adventure...

And you look at the map and it is something you drew on an index card in the winter of 2011-2012 and you know... MAYBE your skills might have improved a bit since then.

And BAM, you find yourself redrawing an ancient map to avoid having to say "no, you can't buy that, it is embarrassing!"

I need a 6" Star Wars Black Series Poe Dameron where he's got no jacket on.

The closest I can find is the one that comes with the Riot Trooper. He's got the right outfit but still has a jacket on. He's also a bit dust covered but that's not that big a deal.

I want to take that and the Finn in trooper uniform with the hat off and put them both in my 6" Black Series TIE fighter. For obvious reasons. 

Started adding up all the things I've done that "will take years off my life." So far it looks like I should have died three years before I was born.

Huge Pet Peeve:

Raising the price on something and claiming it's a sale.

I usually only see this at Tim Hortons. They will put up signs all over Canada saying something like "Bagles now only $1.99* and people are like. Damn a bagle sounds good. What they don't realize is that 2 days before Bagles were only $1.49. Tim Hortons does this all the damn time.

Now I just had the same thing happen at Burger King. Didn't have much time for lunch so hitting a drive thru. Don't want to spend much money so decided to just pick up 2 Original Chicken Sandwhiches for $5. The price they have been for at least a year. I get there and there are huge signs everywhere. New King Deal! 2 for $6. Included in this new 'deal' is the Original Chicken Sandwhich. So they upped the price by a $1 and call it a hot new deal.

+Stuart Robertson +Dyson Logos and any other Canadians running a Patreon.

Is there anything funky I should know about before starting a Patreon coming from Canada? Tax forms? Odd issues with payments (I assume they pay in US) etc? Conent laws I should be aware of?

Also is there anything stopping someone from having multiple Patreons? I've got one I want to start right away but I've got something else brewing (that has been brewing for far too long) that I also want to use Patreon for.

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