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Moe Tousignant
The Tabletop Bellhop, a Cardboard Concierge, the Gamefather, the Canadian Gawd of Gaming and so much more.
The Tabletop Bellhop, a Cardboard Concierge, the Gamefather, the Canadian Gawd of Gaming and so much more.


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I'm not going anywhere until the day this place closes.

That said people seem to be doing this so here you go:

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#Unboxing Azul Stained Glass of Sintra.

Some content from last nights after the show chat. A completely unplanned unboxing thanks to @joecwik

#Azul #AzulStainedGlassOfSintra

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Test prints of a "One Page" Micro-Dungeon at 15mm scale.
3 Photos - View album
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Work in Progress: Vault of the Blue Golem

An ancient facility where the strange glowing blue golem returns every 10 days and remains for roughly 6-9 months before returning to walk the lands seemingly at random.
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Today's online gaming deal pages are updated. Some of the best deals on board games, card games, miniautres and RPGs.

Took longer than expected due to all the new US Gamestop deals!



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Catching up on some patron rewards.

Want to see our podcast pre-production show notes?

How about get some bonus audio for each podcast. Our outtakes and the Twitch Penthouse Suite after the show chat?

Please consider supporting out patron at:

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Ask the Bellhop - Today's special - two for one game night food etiquette questions.

Today I'm talking about mixing food and gaming and giving some tips about handling food at the game table.

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Just needs a spot of colour now.
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Tabletop Bellhop Live ep 24
Gaming in the New Year Recap

We start by talking about streaming Gloomhaven (every Friday at 8:30 pm EST).

I resurrect a review of TSR Marvel Super Heroes. I still love my first RPG

Then we recap all the games played on NYE.
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