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Started with my SexyStamps   By  Jjwitté  
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UseFull         my  sculpturecandles : 
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"FreeMyArt" The WaxSculptor  Hugs3D For The New Year 2015
Sep 16, 2013 - stats - web age: 3 months, web status: online, server location: Scottsdale United States, last updated: 16 Sep 2013.
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Greek Candle The Ball Game Olympics  Jjwitté
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ModelDesigne Einstein Jjw originally shared:
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" "   LightByCandle  ModelDesigne  
Info  Biz Offer
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CandleMyLight ìì  A BirthDay !! Happens Once Every Year !!
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY'S !! To You All & For All BirthDays To Come !!
ModelDesigne  WaxSculptor  Jjw
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( ((CandleMyLight)) ) ModelDesigne The 3D Candle Wax Sculptor BeOriginal
(Info Italiano Sotto) """""Hello"""""( ((CandleMyLight)) )  MyArt3D   I Design 3D Prototypes Of Any Kind In the Old Manner using Plaster, Wax & Plastic's! Plus I have the Experience For the Making of Three Dimensional Moulds (I've helped many known Artist's For There Work) In Doing So I Have Perfected 3D Plaster Piece & Silicone Moulds! That can be used To Form Many Types of Materials "Great" for Mass Products!! As I Have Found A Way Not To Have That Finishing Retouch to Doo!!!! Personly I make Sculpture & Design Models. I'm Looking for An Invester for the Making of my Sculpture Candles!! Made Several Protoype Models & People Love Them!!! What I need to doo is Mass Produce them with a Partner who can Help take care of the Funding, Materials & My 3D Save Retouch Mould's. So We Can Keep The Price Low & Be The First Original World Wide Candle Sculpture Supplier On The Internet !! Hi to You All, You Never know! ( ((LightByCandle)) ) ModelDesigne The 3D Candle Wax Sculptor ( ((CandleMyLight)) ) BeOriginal
  • ModelDesigne
    WaxSculptor, 1982 - present
    "Salve"!! Ho Cominciato A Dare Fuoco Alla Mia Arte Da 15 anni ormai. Sto Anche Cercando Un Investitore-Collaboratore, Per Fare Parte Di Un Business Faccendo Candele Tri-Dimensionali Create Da Me Jjwitté "MyArt3D". La Mia Intenzione E' Di Rappresentare Corpi, Ma Anche Animali E Oggetti Da "Design". La Cosa Piu "Bella" E' Consumando La Cera, Puoi Vedere La Sua Anima! E Non Finisce Qua? Rimanendo Vuota Al L'interno! Uno Puo' Fare Un "Bronzo" Oppure Un Altra Lega (Rame,Ottone,Argento Etc.....) Cosi Facendo Hai Uno Oggetto Che Nel Tempo Aumenta Sempre Di Valore! Firmato Direttamente Da Me "Jjwitté" ModelDesigne L'anno Con Timbro! Un Regalo Favoloso!! Ad Un Costo Veramente Imbattibile!! Partendo Da Oggetti Di Circa (10-15cm,(15 eu). Arrivando Fino A Qualsasi Dimensione. Per Esempio La Testa "Del Angelo" Che Ho "Creato" 25x20 Al Costo Di (50 eu). Valore In Bronzo Circa (1.200 eu). Questo Vuol Dire Se La Mia Notorieta' Aumenta Sul Mercato, Il Valore Dell Oggetto Puo' Aumentare "Tantissimo" "In Poco Parole" Faccendo Una Spesa Di Circa (100 eu) Per Una Diretta-Fusione; In Base Alla Fondera Che Usi? Decidi Se Trasformare La Tua Candela In Un Oggetto "Prezioso!!" Il Mio Motto E' “FreeMyArt” "LIBERO" Senza Dover La Percentuale% Ad Alcuna Galleria-Agente! Approfitta Ora!! “FreeMyArt” Cosi "Voi" Potete Risparmiare!!! "Al Massimo" (("LightByCandle")) (("CandleMyLight")) "ModelDesigne" Firmato: Jjwitté (2014) Candle Sculptures Burn My Art 3D Then Cast It In Bronze! Bee Original My Burning 3D Candle Sculptures Make A Great Wax Decor3D Fantastic Sexy Night! "Glow Special" Best Birthday Gift In The World 50% Discounts Investments Wax Sculptor 3D Candle-s & Prof Mould Maker,Stamps 3D For Mass Products Great ! Sculptor Make's 3D-Original :Fig,Sexy Candles,Torso,Faces,Animals,Shapes3D Fantastic £ Savings! No Retouch Required! Welcome Invester Investments, Partner. "CandleMyLight" ModelDesigne "MyArt3D" The WaxSculptor "
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Pietrasanta - Pisa - Lucca - Italy
Contact Information
The "WaxSculptor" Burn " MyArt3D" Then Cast In Bronze, Brass, Silver or Even "Gold" "FreeMyArt"
Jjwitté    ( Cv Italiano Infondo )

 Email :                

 Site  Plus :    Skype:    ModelDesigne

 Web Pages :                        MyArt3D
 Web Site :            

 Hello !!  There !!

     I would like to make use of my knowledge of Mould-Making & Restoration in areas such as Anthropology, Archaeology & Zoology.

  My Expertise of working with Clay, Plaster, Wax, Plastics & Materials which I have Developed, can be used in different spheres such as: (creation of missing parts, plaster cornices,  low & high relief, copies of original pieces) but also in fields such as interior Design & Ornamental Plastics.

  In view that I have already made use of the extraordinary properties of Plaster & Wax , in Projects such as the making of Furniture, Elements of Décor, Candle's & Ornamental Objects. I believe it would be of great Interest to collaborate with Professionals such as: Architects, Interior Designers, Stage, Set Designers, Moda & Stylists.

Professional formation:

1983  Fonderia Tommasi, Pietrasanta Italy.

Under the guidance of a master Giuliano Coluccini  & other artisans of international reputation. I became an apprentice Mould-Making, beginning part-time and subsequently at the age of fourteen, working freelance. Over the years I have perfected the techniques used in mould-making and have developed them for use in fields such as the restoration of Sculptures and antiques, also for more innovative materials such as plastics and silicones. I am continuously committed to developing new innovative techniques for use in these fields &  Development of new materials.

Mould-Making = This is the process that permits the perfect reproduction in different materials of any 3D object. (clay, plaster,wax, bronze. Silver, plastic etc.)

ORNAMENTAL  PLASTICS - Projects Realised in 3D or relief :    Jjw

·     Nautical Sector Interior Design for Ships -Yachts & Luxury boats...... Furnishings       & fittings....

·     Gadgetry / Creation of the 3D  Protoype/Model for Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze,             Plastics,ect...

·    Clothes:  Relief, Designs in Coloured Silicone for Fabrics, Clothes or Tiles in              Swimmig Pools etc...

          Industrial/Business Applications of 3D or relief creations to the

        Sector: Cosmetics etc, Food – Beverage ::: Special lable for Bottle!

Created a 3D Mould from My Original Prototype, from which neither Retouching nor Refinishing is required!  Especially Economical !! When Producing a Series or Line of Mass Products.

Tested Innovations:            ( Created & Designed by me Jjw )

·     Able to reduce     Three-Dimensional or Relief Objects 30% at a time, arriving at a very small  size.         Invented by me in 1986

*    TerraMista :     I Developed Personally, Strong Material, Pigment Colour Added During                  Preparation,This Terramista has the properties of Ceramic,but Solidifies Cold.  

                                   Wax Candle's  Burning & Moving Sculpture                ( WaxBee )

·      Tested: (              Chocolate & Sweets  (3D & relief)......... Sculpture

                              ICE Shot Glasses  &  Transparent  Plastic  Prototypes/Models, etc........

        The             Frozen Spinach formed into Figure of Popeye,ect...........

        Ring              Soap Sculpture with Gifts Inside......My Ring......

                               This being part of a collection designed myself,( Rings,                                                       Accessories & Gadgets) Jjw  

Work Experience & Projects:

 2012/13  -   Preparing My Candle Sculpture Pieces, "MyArt3D"  

                     Started Experimentations  2006 & Still Today Make "Experiments"    

"Look For Business Partner" 40% To Take Care of "Funds & Advertise"                                           

We CanThen Produce For The Masses World Wide OnLine                                                 "CandleMyLight"    "ModelDesigne"   The  3D    "WaxSculptor"                                   

 2011       -     Prototype work for use in Design & Fashion.

                       Creation of plaster models inspired by ancient Etruscan amphorae for the purpose of

                       Jewellery & Jewellers trinkets. This is an on-going project in constant development.

                       Next step is to cast these prototypes in various precious metals. Look for investments!

2011/05  -  Knut Steen, (Sculptor) - Prototype models - Enlargements - Piece moulds Working side by side, as A specialized craftsman.

2007/08  -  Commissioned  two replicas - Angels Giambologna - Duomo di Pisa, Permitted to:
                      Take photo's from the originals, for the remake sculpted in clay, then cast in Bronze,                                                                               1.28cm ( Private Client in Canada through Walter S.Arnold LLC)

2006       -     Sculpt in Clay, Padre Giocondo Pio Lorgna 1.80 cm finished in bronze. (Belfiore)

2005       -     Mare Nostrum Onlus Foundation  (Carrara, It) Creation of antique amphorae using:                                                                                        *TerraMista                           
       (see Areas of  tested Innovations)

2004       -     Bagno Pesce d’Oro, beach resort, Lido di Camaiore, IT. Designed relief- tiles:

                       Representing sea shells and other molluscs for use in the public spaces. For this: 
                Project. I developed a material with the Characteristics & Resistance of Ceramic.
Solidify's Cold !! with out the need of an Oven      *Terra Mista
2003/04  -  Interior Designe, Collaboration as modeldesigner, prototype models of table’s
             Accessories,. Created refined surfaces in wax & plaster models of a geometrical nature to be cast in bronze and other precious metals. French designer.

2003       -     Restauration, Luca della Robbia (end of XV sec.1482) Reconstruction and recreation:   Of two columns low relief  from the Renaissance period/Private.

2002/01  -  Gio’ Pomodoro, (It), Sculptor. Made the original prototype in dentist plaster,
“La Vela”   under the personal supervision with  Gió Pomodoro.

2000/99  -  Palazzo Colonna Piazza S.S. Apostoli 66 Rome. Restored: Antique Sculptures & Balustrade of an old staircase in the Private Garden, Palazzo Colonna.

2000/99  -  Monuments and Fine Arts Office, assignment by: Anna Zevi,Chief Officer Technical:Assistant for archaeological work in the ancient town of Ostia.

2000/98  -  Master Giuliano Coluccini, Collaboration, Mould-Making Projects on Masterpieces by the Italian sculptors Giuliano Vangi , Gio’ Pomodoro,  Also many other International  Sculptors!!  .

1998/97  -  British Museum, London UK. Commissioned for / mould-making of ancient Greek pieces, as well the horse of Selene found in the Parthenon.

1998/96  -  Seagrave Antiques, Pimlico Rd 77, London UK. Sales Director in Antique shop in the heart of London, Responsible for the Antiques.

1996/95  -  Castello di Vincigliata, Graetz. Fiesole, Florence. Developed & experimented:  

A :  Preparation of the wax solution (compared to traditional methods) for speeding up the process of reproductions from original, to the wax copy, strait & ready for casting in Bronze.

1996/95  -  Villa Bertolli, Lucca. Restoration for Helmut Koff of the XVI century entrance to Villa. For this particular job I made use of a very innovative material. I personally developed in my laboratory. I gave its name then:

                   *Terra Mista
See Tested Innovations. Holds very well & in Time.  Proved it so as I have
from time to time...............

94/2011  -  Mould Making, in Italy, England, USA, Spain and Belgium. I functioned as a mediator

                       for many well known artists of these countries and the foundries Tommasi, Mariani,

                      Da Prato, Belfiore, and Versiliese in Pietrasanta. - Supervisor for several projects in;

                      Marble for different Artists in the workshops of Cervietti, Giannoni, Bottega Versilia.

                     ( SGF, AMA & OthersMassa/Carrara.)

                                      Best  Regards  Jjw 

Pietrasanta,(Lu), ITALY

      Salve mi chiamo james !!
Sono interessato ad applicare le mie conoscenze di formatura e restauro         

nel campo dell’antropologia, archeologia e zoologia. Le mie conoscenze della lavorazione di gesso, creta, cera, plastiche e materiali da me sviluppati si prestano ad applicazioni varie sia nel campo del restauro scultoreo (ricreazioni di parti mancanti, cornici in gesso, bassi ed altorilievi, riproduzione di pezzi originali), sia nel campo dell’interior design e della plastica ornamentale! Avendo già applicato in prima persona le grandi doti del gesso, cera, plastico etc, per creazioni di divani, mobili in stile ed elementi d’arredo, ritengo possa essere interessante un lavoro di collaborazione con Architetti,Design da Interni, Progettisti, Scenografi, Stilisti & Moda.

Formazione professionale:

1983  Fonderia Tommasi,  Pietrasanta  Italia.

Sotto la guida di un maestro Giuliano Coluccini ,ed altri artigiani di reputazione internazionale sono diventato apprendista 1Formatore, iniziando part-time, in seguito all’età di quattordici anni svolgendo lavoro di freelance. Nell’arco degli anni ho perfezionato le tecniche di formatura e le ho sviluppate per lavori nel campo del restauro di sculture, oggetti antichi, ma anche per la lavorazione di materiali nuovi, quali la plastica ed il silicone. Sono continuamente impegnato allo sviluppo di tecniche innovative per queste applicazioni, come lo sono allo sviluppo di nuovita…………………………………….

1Formatura =  Processo che permette la riproduzione perfetta di un qualsiasi oggetto tridimensionale in un diverso materiale (es. da creta a gesso,cera,bronzo,argento,etc,

Plastico ornamentale : Realizzazione di Prototipi Tridimensionali/3D & Rilievo.

·     Nautico settore d'interni Designer - Yacht, Barche di Lusso….etc Elementi D’arredo Esclusivo!

·     Gadget/Accessori, Creazione dei Prototipi-Matrice per : Oro, Argento, Ottone, Bronzo,Plastic,

·    Vestiti: Silicone Colorate in rilievo, applicabili su Stoffe, Vestiti oppure In Forma Mattonella per Piscine, Docce, etc………


Settore Industriale, applicazione: 3D - Rilievo per Alimentare - Cosmetico - Beverage etc.

      Dall'oggetto Originale (Prototipo) .Ho sperimentato la possibilità di creare lo Stampo/Matrice,

      Modello dal quale non ha bisogno né di Ritocchi né di Rifiniture. Cosi si ottiene un processo, Più

      Economico da utilizzare nelle produzioni in Serie e/o Catena.Etichetta Speciale per Bottiglie!

     sperimentato:     ·  Possibilità di Ridurre gli Oggetti Tridimensionali e Rilievo

                                             ( 30% alla volta,ripetuto sino ad arrivare a piccolissime dimensioni.)

     · Terra Mista:             Un materiale solidificata  forte e molto innovativo che ho sviluppato

                                            personalmente a cui possono essere aggiunti pigmenti di vari colori nella

                                            preparazione. Questo materiale innovativo ha le stesse caratteristiche

                                            della Ceramica, ma “solidifica a freddo”.  Buono anche per Restauro!!jjw

                                      ·  Caramelle -- Cioccolatini :  3D e Rilievo Figurativo

                                      ·   Candele :  In movimento Sculture    Jjw                  Candele 

                       ·   Bicchieri di ghiaccio: ( shot glass) Oppure Matrice Plastic Trasparente

                       ·   Spinaci  :  Congelati in Forma, Braccio di Ferro etc..

     The Ring                 ·  Sapone:  sculture, Oggetti con sorpresa al l’interno…..Anelli etc

                           Fa parte di una collezione da me creata e prodotta ( Anelli ed accessori


                                           Distnti Saluti
                                                                            james !!
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"Love To Burn My Art" & Do "You"
  • ModelDesign 3D
    Candle Sculpture, 2000 - present
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September 11, 1969
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Inscrivez-vous sur Twitter pour suivre jjw (@modeldesigne). Hello my name is james, I make scuplture candels from my art work... Mybe you


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