Website Builder Software - New Mobirise 4.9.2 version

Check it out:

In the updated version our developers fixed and added some options:
1. In AMP theme was added link rel="amphtml" and update link rel="canonical".
2. Now you can easily open Code Editor. It would work fast even in big projects.
3. M4 and MobiriseAMP themes were updated.
4. It's possible to see the way an extension is uploading with a progress bar. Also, we added Update all button.
5. Bug with google maps incorrect src url was fixed wither.
6. Color editor in the menu works correctly now.
7. Now you can drag images to Media Image window directly.
8. If you would like to add several images to the gallery or slider block in M4 themes, you can easily do it in the Media Image window.
9. To change an image in the galley block is easy now. It's possible to do that just by clicking on it in the template.
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