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 Free heat!

Solar Heat maybe free heat but it has to depend on sunny days to heat your pool. For about the same initial cost you can get a Variable Speed Pool Pump and a Heat Pump Heater and heat your pool every day and use your pool year around. Plus they will cost less to run than your single speed pool pump that you have right now.

Variable Speed Pumps will reduce your electric bill from $60 to $80 a month*

Heat Pump Heaters will increase your electric only when in use from $40 to $70 a month**(4 to 5 months out of the year).The rest of the year when you don't need your heater, means more money in your pocket! 

The Two units together will equal free heat and the savings over the years will pay you back for the initial cost!

Enjoy your pool year around!

Both are on sale now thru Dec. 1st

For more information please call or go to

*Depends on the length of running time and rpm settings.

**Depends on the length of running time, air temp. and temp settings. Also the use of a blanket.

There has been ongoing discussion over whether a saltwater pool is better than a chlorine pool. It seems advocates from both sides can argue very valid points. In our opinion, there is not an obvious winner. See the advantages of both and decide on your own.

Saltwater pools employ salt as opposed to chlorine to clean and sanitize the pool. A chlorinator employs electrolysis to break down the salt and then the salt is added to the water. There still needs to be consistent PH levels and that needs to be monitored daily.

Chlorine pools are the most common type of pool. The system for the filtration and chlorination of the pool is easy to operate and chlorine tablets are readily available. Owning a chlorine pool means having to test the water in order to maintain proper PH levels. If there is bacteria present in a chlorine pool, it will take 24 to 48 hours to clear the water. In saltwater pools, this process can take three to five days. 

As far as maintenance is concerned, saltwater pools are generally less time consuming. The amount of time spent balancing PH levels as well as other chemicals is is significantly reduced. The initial setup cost for a saltwater pool is more expensive than a chlorine pool, the cost of maintaining it is considerately less. Once a saltwater pool is established, you simply add salt when it is needed. 

At A Real Pool Store Mobile, we have been providing pool supplies and chemicals for Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast since 1997. Count on us for your pool supplies.  

Summer is sneaking up on us quickly, this means the days are longer, the temperatures are rising and baseball season is in full swing. It also means that you are probably looking forward to hosting at least a few pool parties again this year. This is something you do every year and it is a great way to enjoy the summer weather and have fun with your friends. Don’t be the victim of hosting a bad party. Heed our advice and your pool parties will be epic. 

When you decide to throw a pool party, you need to spread the word. In the past, you may have called up friends to invite them or perhaps you sent out letters or cards. This is no way to invite people to a party. We feel a cleverly written email with a funny picture or short video attached is the best method of communication. If people laugh or smile when they read your invitation, then it was successful. 

Our second piece of advice is never look like you tried too hard to decorate. You are throwing a pool party, not trying to impress everybody by lining the tables with overpriced linen and ordering several hundred dollars worth of flowers. Keep it simple and casual, guests like it that way.

You are having a pool party, this means guests will be in swim gear and trying desperately to look good. The last thing you want to do is weigh your guests down even further by serving rich, decadent dishes. So forget the glazed ribs and seafood pasta in favor of cold salmon and a light salad. 

Most importantly, utilize us as your Port St. Lucie pool cleaning supply company. You will have no regrets. 

When it comes to maintaining proper levels of chemicals in pools, pool owners tend to get frustrated. This is really of no surprise as pool chemistry is really quite complex. We will do our best to attempt to simplify the chemical process. 

All pools need a primary sanitizer. The most commonly used sanitizer is chlorine, but bromine can also be utilized. Both work in a similar sense, when added to the water they convert into an acid which acts as the main disinfecting agent. Chlorine is available in three forms; liquid, granular and tablet. Liquid chlorine doesn't need to be pre-dissolved before it can be added to your pool and it is safe to use in vinyl pools.

Ongoing pool maintenance includes pool shock treatments. This shock treatment breaks down contaminants through the process of super chlorination.

Sometimes you discover an algae problem not being handled by your sanitizer. It is in this type of situation that you utilize the use of algaecides. The type you use will depend on the type of bloom that has developed. 

In addition to the chemicals your pool needs, you will also need to clean the pool on a regular basis to keep it free from debris. Most of this is accomplished through your filtration system, but a weekly pool vacuum is recommended.

At A Real Pool Store, we carry a full line of pool chemicals and supplies to make your pool maintenance easier. Not only that, we will deliver our products right to your front door.  

Owning your very own swimming pool is a privilege. Sure it’s great to go out into your backyard and take a swim whenever you want, but there are more advantages to owning a pool.

If you own a pool, there are countless activities you will do with your family. These activities will help bond your family and they will no doubt create great memories. If the kids are bored or if you want them off their smartphones, tablets or laptops for a break, send them to the pool. The only device you need while enjoying the pool is a camera so you can preserve all those happy memories.

Adding a pool to your home will certainly increase the value. When you do decide to sell and the house goes on the market, we know you will mention the pool in the listing. We also bet that when people come to tour the house, one of the first things they will want to see is that pool.

Owning a pool just plain fits your lifestyle. If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors, then as pool is almost a necessity. You work hard all day and when you get home, you have the option to go sit in the pool and relax. 

If you are the type of family who loves to entertain, then you should invest in a pool. What better background for grilled burgers and beer than a nice pool. People won’t be standing around looking bored at any of your parties. 

To keep your pool in tip-top shape, we recommend buying your pool supplies through us. No need to drive to a store for your chemicals and other supplies, we bring it directly to your front door. 

Clean and clear water is the objective for any pool owner. If your pool isn’t clean or clear, you can be sure there is something lurking around somewhere. In fact, it is likely that your pool is teeming with bacteria. If you invite neighbors and friend over for a day of frolicking in your pool and they begin to complain about rashes and irritated eyes, you just might have a serious problem. 

Often, when somebody complains about conditions of a pool it is easy to place the blame on the chlorine. Though it is true that too much chlorine can cause problems, the likely cause is bacteria. The truth is, regular pool cleaning and maintenance is probably your best bet to keep your pool in a healthy condition. A good maintenance program set up and executed by you will ensure your pool will remain in top condition all year around.

There are two important factors to take into consideration when maintaining your pool; the frequency of use and the weather conditions. If you don’t have the proper balance of chemicals, even the sun can cause a negative effect in your pool. This is the reason algae grows in a pool. If your pool in in direct sunlight, it is critical you pay attention to the balance of chemicals.

At A Real Pool Store Mobile, we carry the chemicals you need to keep your pool in top condition. Not only that, we will bring these chemicals right to your doorstep. Shop now for the chemicals and supplies you need to keep your pool clean and clear.      
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