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Could this explain why it's so hard to catch them in your hands? They seem to anticipate the danger and move away from the hands. Smart little buggers. It's much easier to catch a house fly in one hand than multiple fruit flies between two hands. The house fly must not have these receptors. This is why we make window and door screens to keep them out. It's too hard to catch them.
Nerve Cells That Enable Fruit Flies to Escape Danger Discovered

Columbia University researchers have identified the nerve cells that initiate a fly’s escape response: that complex series of movements in which an animal senses, and quickly maneuvers away from, something harmful such as high heat. These results, based on observations in fruit fly larvae, provide a window into a survival mechanism so important that it has persisted across evolutionary time, and today exists in virtually all animals — including in people. They also lend insight into conditions characterized by dysfunctions in this response, such as allodynia, in which gentle touch triggers the same reaction as exposure to something harmful.

The research is in eLife. (full access paywall)
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Well we've finally moved to a bigger and better location.  We've combined the glass and screen businesses into one location on 9400 SW Tigard St. near downtown tigard.  The old roof on Main St. leaked and the landlord wasn't planning on repairing it because he wants to tear that building down.  The screen shop was crammed into a very small shop and needed to expand 10 years ago.  So onward we go.  Hope to see you there. 
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It's time to make sure your window and door tracks are cleaned and free of debris before the rains start.  We can show you how. This little step can help prevent water from getting into your walls this rainy season. 
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