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Profitable mobile app publishing for busy people.
Profitable mobile app publishing for busy people.

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Hard finding time to publish your apps? Check out these tools to make it easier.
#mobile #apps #ios

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Some don't agree with this prediction about mobile app discovery in 2015. What about you?
#apps #ios #android

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How to make sure your mobile app goals motivate you to make progress in 2015...

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Working on your iOS app? Don't forget the making money part. Check out this post for specific tips that work today.

Just finished the launch images for a new iOS app. Lots of image sizes now with all the new devices and resolutions! #iOS #apps  

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Before you publish that app, How to pick an App Store Category that YOU can compete in... And WIN!

(Hint: Don't follow the heard mentality, or your app will get lost in the app store abyss.)

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What Ben learned about his 9-5 job and how he found his passion. (hint: Ben now sets his own hours)

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Every iOS game app needs sound effects.

In this week's post, I cover:
- Where to find good sound effects (including a free resource)
- What audio formats works best
- How to convert from one format to another
- How to add sound effects tor your app

Includes actual code you can cut and past into your own app.

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