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Fixed a really interesting bug today in the Cloze deletion code (discovered by +Dougie Nisbet) involving multiple clozes like "[buds] [bud]". Was really a fun brain twister to get it right, and now it even works for silly stuff like "[bud] [bud]".

While editing cards like this, I identified (but not yet fixed) a scenario that causes these cards to get messed up. Could this be the mysterious lurking cloze edit bug, or is it another bug entirely? The excitement is killing me :-)
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Good work, good news. I have really come to appreciate "Cloze deletion".
It's interesting that many people use it and seem to like it. I actually just wrote it as some kind of tech demo to illustrate the capabilities of libmnemosyne2 (it illustrates that there is no upper limit to the amount of clozes you can have in a single piece of text, i.e. the number of cards is completely dynamical)
So if a card first is edited to have two cloze deletions, then reviewed, afterwards a master copy can be edited that will reflect the changes in the previously reviewed cards, rather than find the two cards and modify them? That sounds brilliant!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Mnemosyne 2.0 :-)
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