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Txt import now works. I still want to look into some Mac specific oddities, as it seems plain text files generated by some Mac programs are not as plain as one would hope..
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A year ago I tested some txt import to Mnem 1.x. When time is ripe I will do some testing also txt =>Mnem 2.0. If (when) the result is not pleasing, can I easily delete the imported db? (I did not manage to do so in Mnem 1.x)
In the card browser, if you sort by 'creation date', it will be very easy to see which are the new cards so you can delete them all.

Alternatively, Mnemosyne gives you the option to add a tag to the cards you are importing, which is yet another way to identify them.

Be sure to report all import problems you encounter!
Tested "delete" functinality. Works well (haven't tested txt import yet. See other mail
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